Gyan inches closer to Ghana's all-time leading scorer's record with brace against Turkey

Asamoah Gyan getting closer to Kwesi Owusu and Edward Acquah's record

Asamoah Gyan getting closer to Kwesi Owusu and Edward Acquah’s record

Asamoah Gyan is now three goals away from equaling the joint record of Kwesi Owusu and Edward Acquah as the all-time leading scorers of the Black Stars.

This was after the Black Stars captain came off the bench to score twice in helping Ghana hold Turkey to a 2-2 draw in an international friendly on Wednesday night.

The Al Ain ace was thought to have broken Abedi Pele’s record as Ghana’s all-time leading scorer – with 34 goals – when he hit a brace against Sudan in June’s 2014 World Cup qualifier.

But this was in error as renowned sports researcher Thomas Freeman Yeboah discounted Abedi Pele’s goals to 20 in one of his statistical finds.

The undisputed find by the Metro FM journalist puts Kwesi Owusu and Edward Acquah as joint leading scorers of the Black Stars with 40 goals each.

Gyan’s brace against Turkey in Istanbul now takes him even closer to equaling and surpassing this record as he is now just three goals away and with more international games to come.

The 27-year-old could even break this record as early as early next month when Ghana host Zambia in a deciding 2014 World Cup qualifier in Kumasi.

His goals culminating into a win will see the Black Stars progress to the playoff round of the qualifiers for next year’s World Cup to be hosted by Brazil.


  1. Emeka says:

    What kind of a striker who cant convert a PENALT. Jacob Mulenga is the one who takes penalties at FC Utrecht and the WORLDS leading goal scorer of ALL TIME is the late GODFREY UCAR CHITALU of ZAMBIA.


    kip it up u can make it


    well well now we hv a zambian tryna act lyk nigerians bt no prb i undastand y zambians luv nigerians.its bcos of the bags of rice n second hand cloths tb joshua send to zambia to feed those hungry bantu men…..


    Still a wack striker!!

  5. Paradox says:

    @thank God we are not zambians. What stats do u have on zambia 4 u ghanains to continue sayn that the hunger in zambia. Do u know that each year there is a bumper harvest of maize. The harvest is enuf to export to zimbabwe and malawi angola. Yes zambia is each year exportin maize to these countries. We are currently exporting electricity to south africa and dr congo. Come to zambia and see 4 yoself.

  6. zambia says:

    ..ghanians wil continue 2 suffer frm prematch stomach runs until 6th sept. u can call zambians all sorts of names,tht wil nt stop them from putting u in yo rite place in african futbol. apart from playing a non southern african or evn just an african team, chek the world rankings on ghana and turkey and it wil tel u something about the value of the match u playd ystday..

  7. kiki says:

    @ paradox: dont sell ur ignorance over here… Are u happy fr transporting common maize to Zimbabwe and electricity to S.A? Hahaha… Massa shut up! When Ghana is exporting commodities outside d shores oF Africa, u are happy selling maize to a poor country like Zimbabwe…! Mulenga is busily converting penalties instead of scoring better goals! Fr socio economic activities, u dont come anywhere near Ghana. You can’t even feed ur own self and u are there exporting. No wonder Mbesuma is suffering from kwasiokor!

  8. The Bullet says:

    ok you kiki..can you confirm that Bafanabafana clobberd Ghana in Kumasi in front of 60,000 fans. If it is true what really went wrong cos you guys claim you cant lose at home. As 6 Sep draws near i for see triumph for chipolopolo.

  9. The Bullet says:

    again to you kiki..Please don’t expose your ignorance.
    Who told you that you can not export to a poor country. It is simply childish to say what you have said. Which commodities is Ghana Exporting. Please educate me. For your info Zimbabwe is not a poor country. It is in its current state because of outside forces. Please try to be objective

  10. genuwine says:

    @ bullet , it seems you are very ignorant and you were only born yesterday ,Ghana export , timber , cocoa , gold , bauxite, petrol , shea butter to big countries in the world , as for electricity , we have been supplying our neighbouring countries , , food , we export a lot , human resources too we provide a lot , in terms of football , you count your players and name any one person that plays in a better league in europe , who is a super star , Zambia is behind Ghana 30 years back in everything, your are our children, we are trying to be like Brazil in football and Zambia is trying to be like Ghana , i bet you Ghana will teach you lesson coming 6 Sept, in Africa football if we want teams to compete , Ghana do not think about Zambia , we think about the likes of Egypt, Nigeria ,cote divoire , Cameroon, i m telling you today that Zambia your class mates in terms of football your class mates is ETHOIPIA , SUDAN , MALI AND TOGO ,

  11. kiki says:

    @Genuwine: thanks… Those Zambia always demonstrate their ignorance here.. I understand them… Inferiority complex is killing them and the only way out for them is to mingle with the enlightened ones.. They are still still in d traditional stage…..?

  12. kobby stryder says:

    LOL I’m very surprised an “African” can ask what “Rich” commodities Ghana exports…Even the Western worlds know…What do they Learn in their schools??? At least I can mention 1 or 2 commodities every country in Africa produces…Zambia(Cooper & Maize)…Well done..Bravo!!! I understand why they act the way they do..It’s psychology…In lyf u must always strive to achieve more and it only logical pretend to be better than a person who is miles ahead of u….it is nothing more than a motivational factor… “viva Zambia” LMAO!!

  13. Paradox says:

    @kiki. Wat sort of shallowness is this?. How can a country which is able to export fail to feed itself. Do u have any knowladge of the huge reserves that exist at the zambia food reserve agency?. U truly have a brain of an elephant.

  14. kiki says:

    @Paradox: i thank God i have a brain of an elephants BUT not a brain of a Zambian! The brain of an elephant far exceeds that of a zambian. The brain of an average elephant is like 1 terabyte and that of an average zambian is 1 kilobyte..!

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