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Jose Mourinho: Too many foreign coaches in England

Published on: 05 January 2014
Jose Mourinho enjoyed successful spells abroad


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes more English managers should follow the lead of Steve McLaren and try working abroad, and also says there are too many foreign managers in England.


Former England manager McLaren left for Europe after an unsuccessful spell with the Three Lions, joining the likes of German side Wolfsburg and Holland's FC Twente.


And it was in the Eredivisie where the 52-year-old found the most success, winning the title in 2010.


And despite admitting his English rivals were the equal of their foreign counterparts, Mourinho said other British managers could profit from the former Middlesbrough boss' path.


"I disagree with so many foreign coaches in this country," Mourinho said.


"I don't see a reason for that because I don't see the English managers are at any point behind the foreign ones.


"Influence from abroad is good, you can learn from other cultures, but I think the main culture has to always be the English, in this case the British, culture.


"But I think if there are no jobs in the country as a manager or as a player you have to go, because this is a short professional life. So go and enjoy. You have always the chance to come back.


"In this country, people shouldn't be afraid to be a bit adventurous, like other coaches from other nationalities.


"Football is the same everywhere: 11 against 11, one ball, two goals.


"To go abroad is a fantastic experience and sometimes it looks like English players, English managers, they don't like to go abroad.


"What is happening now is that they don't go abroad but others are coming to their country."


And Mourinho congratulated McLaren for his ability to quickly move on from his disappointing spell in charge of the England national team.


"I almost forgot that he was England manager," Mourinho said. "It was a period which ended. He moved on.


"The first thing that comes to my memory if you ask me about Steve, it's not being the England manager. It's being champion in Holland. He did well.


"I spoke with him to say congratulations to him when he was champion in Holland, an important moment of his career after such a difficult part of it.


"Of course he suffered but he moved on. He went to Holland, he went to Germany. New cultures, new football."

Do you think Mourinho is a hypocrite when he is a foreigner coach in England? Do you think the Premier League needs more English coaches? Do you think the English coaches are rubbish? Make your views known in the box below:


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  • kuukuphilly says:
    January 05, 2014 12:10 pm
    this guy just loves attention period.u r also a foreigner after all,but makes sense some kind of way.