Mario Balotelli doesn't like talking about his real Ghanaian parents

Young Balotelli playing with his biological mother and brother

Young Balotelli playing with his biological mother and brother

AC Milan star Mario Balotelli has revealed he doesn’t like talking about his real Ghanaian parents.

The 23-year-old was adopted by an Italian couple; Francesco and Silvia Balotelli after he was given up to a foster home as a boy.

The former Man City striker who was born to Ghanaian parents had a series of intestinal surgeries as he battled an illness while growing up.

He however recovered from this illness and took comfort in playing football on a small artificial field near his house where kids went seven-on-seven without knowing he was building his craft into becoming a world superstar.

Now playing for giants AC Milan and the Italian national team – the first black player to do so – the controversial figure prefers not commenting on the subject of his real parents even though he says he ‘sometimes’ connects with them.

“It is something I never talk about (referring to his biological parents),” he said in an extensive interview with Sports Illustrated.

“Brescia is my home. It’s where I will live one day when I stop playing football. When I’m in Brescia, I’m relaxed.”

Balotelli only gained Italian citizenship at age 18 – a year after making his Serie-A debut for Inter Milan.

A much-debated Italian law prevented him from gaining automatic citizenship even though he was born in Italy.

Balotelli has labelled this law as ‘stupid’ and ought to be renounced.

“That’s a stupid rule,” says Balotelli, who carried a Ghanaian passport at the time even though he has never set foot in Africa.

“I spent 18 years in Italy, and I was not Italian yet. That’s why I hope all the guys that are like me and living this are going to be Italian before I became Italian.”


  1. nab says:

    Who issued this guy a Ghanaian passport? Fuck the passport office. You were using a Ghanaian passport when you were no body and today you don’t call yourself as a Ghanaian not even want your real parents. Hmmmmmmmm you are a fool and i know you will wake up one day.

  2. King says:

    Balotteli dint even say ”GHANA”

  3. Assisi says:

    Enough of Balotelli.

  4. Ndolaman says:

    Most people who are living abroad of Ghanaian origin or background, they hate their country of origin i dont know why its like that. Maybe Ghana is a country that swallows the inhabitants.

    • Tetteyfio says:

      Who told you that? I know kids born outside Ghana who visit Ghana for vacation. Most come to Ghana without their parents just because they love Ghana. I know a doctor who was born in the USA who wants to come practice at Korle Bu

    • zambia is our toilet hole says:


  5. Tanko says:

    Folks: we all need to spare this dude! He didn’t give birth to himself neither did he give himself to the foster home…. His parents might have taken that step to save and or rescue him from the illness that troubled him at early age. That’s called destiny. After all, nationality is a FELING but not a passport. I was born and bred in Ghana but even before I left Ghana, I always thought I was American but in reality, I am NOT! Make sense??

    • DOGO says:

      No!! You don’t make sense. The fact that he was raised by foster parents does not mean he should deny his biological parents when they are still leaving. Do you think the parents would have given him up if they were in a position to take good care of him? I don’t think so. Baloteli should know that he will remain black till the end of his life. He can never be white. Yes the white couple did a great job in raising him and he cannot deny them either but he should not be ashame of his biologcal parents.

    • Tetteyfio says:

      Tanko, you are only American in your ‘head.’ You are Ghanaian whether you feel it or not, unless you have now become a US citizen. You may need to see a psychiatrist

  6. Newyork4ever24 says:

    @ Tanko…how can u be born and bred in Ghana but u felt like American?…the fact that u got family members in America and u weren’t born and bred there shouldn’t make u feel american…what u just said doesn’t make any sense @ all bro and its nowhere compared to Balotelli’s case…I got my American citizenship a longtime ago but I’ve never felt American but Ghanaian so how come u weren’t even yet in America but u felt like one?…lmfao

  7. jj says:

    I promise if I see one more comment on balloteli I will boycott this website. Ffs he does not even play for Ghana or feels Ghanain. Let’s just leave him alone

  8. GH Panther says:

    @tanko man, i don’t jux get it. i was born and bred in ghana but even if i lived in a foreign land outside africa, i will forever feel ghanaian. i mean, growing up in ghana wud mean going to ghanaian schools and singing the national anthem daily, contributing to ghanaian political issues, celebrating achievements in ghana sports, speaking at least one local language, hearing patriotic messages regularly,singing and loving ghanaians songs, dancing azonto, voting if 18 above,… i mean, how do u not feel ghanaian after all dat. i have close relatives who were born and bred in england and USA. they visit occassionally to ghana with their very american and english accents but it doesn’t mk me feel less ghanaian being in touch with them. u’ve got some real issues, dude.

  9. One Andy says:

    this is quiet disheartening.Let him understand the reason his parents gave him away.It could have been because they wanted to save him and from the way the lady looks, i think she is very caring.Whatever he does they will still be his parents

  10. Jamal Luchembe says:

    Hmmmmm… Although I am not from Ghana.i was born in the states to American mom and Zambian dad. I don’t understand super mario distaste for his home country. I love both countries I have heritage in. I have to say the only reason I came across this site was watching the 2014 world cup Italy vs Ura and got interested in Marios background. I was disappointed in the Zambia is my toilet heading. I am Zambian yes but I am African first and I am rooting for all African teams in the world cup

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