Marseille coach Baup cools down Andre Ayew, Valbuena fracas

Andre Ayew clashed with team-mate Valbuena on Tuesday

By Patrick Akoto

Marseille coach Elie Baup has poured cold water on the confrontation between Andre Ayew and Mathew Valbuena.

The pair were at each others throat and had to be separated by the former Bordeaux manager after the France international reacted  furiously to a challenge from the 22-year-old during a training session on Tuesday.

The incident has drawn wild criticism in the French media wth fears the episode could destabilize the dressing room ahead of this season.

But coach Baup insists the incident has been resolved amicably.

“These are things that happen quite frequently in a squad,” Baup told AFP

“There was a tackle from behind, by one on the other, and there was a reaction,”

“But there is no legacy of what happened. The players met and discussed it yesterday [Tuesday] afternoon,”

“They tried to calm the situation and all of the tension has disappeared. It’s all just part of what happens in a group.”

The two men were action for the French giants as they 1-1 at Turkish side Eskisehirspor in the Europa League third qualifying round on Thursday night.


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