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New Sports Minister won't interfere in Ghana FA affairs

Published on: 09 February 2013

Sports Minister- designate Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah has promised to work in tandem with the Ghana Football Association and not harass them.

Afriyie-Ankrah disclosed this during his vetting by the before the Appointments Committee at the Parliament House in Accra.

He has promised to co-operate fully with the local football governing by playing his supervisory role well.

''I have no intention of interfering [in] the activities of the Ghana Football Association but as I’m representing the government, I would use whatever influence I have to bring to bear all the stakeholders to work towards achieving a common goal,'' Afriyie-Ankrah said.

''The Government pumps money into football and Ghanaians deserve better.

"It's a legitimate concern and I believe there must be engagements with the various football authorities.''

The relationship between the Ghana Football Association and Sports Ministry recently suffered a little with both parties not seeing eye-to-eye.

This affected the image of the Ghana FA with officials perceived to be corrupt.


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  • Talata says:
    February 09, 2013 09:32 pm
    @selfmade,i'm not suprise at yr insult since u can insult yr own mum then who am i? Alow the politicians to do their own things,their time will come they've nothing for u. Yr destiny lies in yr hands,so dont be political blind they are all the same. U can choose to take my advice or go ahead and insult me.
  • selfmade says:
    February 09, 2013 08:37 pm
    @ talata.... kwaisa,if u have something better doing u wouldn't have fuking time to reply my post!!! Ofui, better still if this son of a bitch minister with an archaic punk haircut has something better doing,he wouldn't be roaming from one fm station to another with his small acho dick saying bullshits!!! What i said is true but i know u wouldn't understand me because u took after your stupid alcoholic papa who was divorced by your mama motherfucker!!! Dude better stay off my post before i slapped your dirty lesbian girl face!!! If these are the sort of ministers we have in Ghana ,then i ll continue to diss them because his punk haircut portray him as living in the 18 century!!! He has no fucking feeling and mocked victims trapped under a building and am wondering if your alcoholic papa was the trapped victim,u wouldn't be here defending that awaakye minister!!!! Viva the revolutionciooooooooo!!!!!!
  • Talata says:
    February 09, 2013 10:43 am
    @selfmade,what do u gain by insulting people all time? Use yr time to learn and do something sensible.
  • selfmade says:
    February 09, 2013 05:32 am
    This kwasia man who mocked the death during the melcom disaster has the fucking vim to open his fucking buccal cavity!!! We are even going to suffer more heartaches because this stupid mumu and mean guy is going to head the sport ministry!!! Now with this dick sucker,gari and beans minister,we wouldn't even qualify to the worldcup because of what he said against those who were trapped under the collapsed melcom building!!! Twtccccchkaaaaaa,this guy with punk cut deserve to come join us in Kumasi magazine,selling fala fala or alumi because that ll fit him perfectly with his dwarf body and punk cut than heading a whole sport ministry which require brains and common sense which he lacks motherfucker!!! Viva the revolutionciooooooooooll!!! I don't give a ****!!!!!
  • selfmade says:
    February 10, 2013 01:46 am
    @ talata.... listen son, i don't give a fuxk about no ghanaian politician ok!!! Yoo listen dude,what i hate is this fuxking ministers taken ghanaians for granted!!! If this son of a bitch minister is in any advanced country he ll never hold any ministerial portfolio based on what he said during the melcom disaster!!! Fucking human beings,ghanaians like him,some were breadwinners,some were mothers,some were fathers,some were their family only hope of survival,were trapped under a building and whiles every tom,dick and harry were praying for their rescue,this mean fucking punk ass minister was on a national fm station making a mockery of those trapped!!! What hurt me the most was that,at that particular time,some of the trapped victims were heard talking from the debris hoping for help!!! If what this minister did was not pure stupidity,then i wonder what its!!! Dude,u following a wrong fella in the person of that archaic punk ass minister and the better u start to reason,the better u ll see what this son ofa bitch minister is!!! He is an animal and has no fucking feeling for u!!! I ll never diss my mother like that your punk ass minister with a punk ass haircut because,because those victims were somebody mother,fother,sister or brother but he didn't give a **** about them!!! He is a fucking minister who has no common sense and i wonder what he can do at the sport ministry knowing he lacks common sense!!! Viva the revolutionciooooooooo!!!!
  • selfmade says:
    February 10, 2013 02:00 am
    @ talata.... u said their time ll come where?? Their time come so we don't have to insult them?? I ll continue to insult that minister because based on his utterances,he doesn't deserve no respect from me because he gotta nor himself!!! Am not politically inclined but i continue to insult fucking ministers like this one who were once nothing but now that they have some power,has taken the power into their own hands and doing and sayin bullshits!!! There are minister like him whom i respect alot based on their utterances but not this 18 century punk haircut motherfucker!!! Viva the revolutioncioooooo!!! Remember respect is reciprocal and is earned but not gain!!!! Viva the revolutioncioooooooo!!!!
  • Desmond says:
    February 10, 2013 11:44 am
    WHat has this man done to you??Do you by any chance met him one on one before.Why insult him because you not in the same Political affiliation with him so what you can do best is to insult him with any Nonsense that comes out from your Mouth. If you were appointed ministerial position and one dude just come on the internet because talk is cheap and insults you so helplessly how would you feel?? you must know our next generation are learning from us and we need to be an example to them .Always insults ...It wont take us to anywhere
  • selfmade says:
    February 10, 2013 05:27 pm
    @ desmond.... who told u i want to be a real model??? And who told u,am not of the same political persuasion like him??? So does it means that we shouldn't criticize a minister because we have the same political leaning?? Dude listen,am not myopic like u and i ll criticized him as much as i like because the last time i checked,we are in democratic era and noone is above the law!!! I was born in 21st century ghana and democratic genes is in me!!! This is a man who talks by heat without any reason and i will say it right in his punk ass face, that he ain't shit and has no feeling because of what he said against innocent trapped victims in melcom disaster!!! If anyone wants me to respect such a fucking minister ,then he better go and hug a moving electronic train because he ain't shit to me!!! Is your so called minister a role model to the youth!??? Hell no and since am learning from him,then i have picked his foul mouth and now turning my blazing guns on his punk ass haircut!!!! Do u think i care about your stupid concert parties hell fucking to the no nigga!!! As i said what is good for him is equally good for the rest of us and i ll never diss well behave minister!!! Never!!! He is reaping what he sold and i don't give a **** about him!!! He is irresponsible with his utterances and he doesn't required my respect too!!! Is only in Ghana that a such a slowpoke son of a bitch can be made a minister after making a mockery of national disaster!!! I don't know him and i don't give a **** about him and if u like,u can open your phat ass for him to bleepi don't give a flying ****!!! Viva the revolutionciooooooooooo!!!!
  • selfmade says:
    February 10, 2013 05:41 pm
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