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Nyantakyi reveals details of how Sulley Muntari attacked Ghana FA executive

Published on: 06 July 2014
Muntari has been accused of attacking Moses Armah

Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi has revealed that AC Milan midfielder Sulley Muntari landed two punches on the face of one of his executive during talks over the Black Stars World Cup appearance fee stand-off.

The Black Stars management committee member Moses Armah also landed one punch on the mouth of the player, it has been revealed.

Muntari was reported to have attacked Armah without any provocation during a meeting in Brazil but details remains sketchy.

Nyantakyi revealed in an interview on Stage Africa, a sports television show on GTV, how the fight happened:, "I can say there was a punch, actually two punches thrown at Moses and a reply".

"When the first punch came Moses looked at me and I told him not to retaliate which he obliged but before we could say Jack, a second one had been landed and naturally any human being would have retaliated in such circumstance," he said.

"It's a situation I wouldn't want to talk about because it was quite nasty. There was even a glass thrown at Moses by the player which I stopped it with my hand, "he added.

Muntari's father has apologised to Armah while an apology is expected from the AC Milan star.


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  • Patrick says:
    July 06, 2014 01:01 pm
  • selfmade says:
    July 06, 2014 01:55 pm
    This man has no shame and any human being with dignity wld have resigned the moment we came back from Brazil with such a shameful and humiliating actings presided over by this shameful man! If I were him, I wld have resigned or feel ashamed to talked about this shameful behaviour! The good book says that, temptation ll come but woe betide the man who ll bring this temptations! Yes sulley is no angel and for the fa president to be blaming him here and there leaves much to be desired and he too needs to share in the blame! THR whole incidence happened because of the appearance fee and the question is this, WHAT WAS THR FA DOING ALL THESE MONTHS with regards to the appearance fee! Had the fa sorted this problem prior to the WC, this problem wldnt have occurred in the first place! I really don't know why he really wants to blame sulley for and is sad for an educated man to be stooping so low just to gain public sympathy Ghanaians are not fools and we have brains to think for ourselves and if this mannis thinking like we are gullible and can't think for ourselves, then he is living on a diff planet! I want to tell him if he has deliberately failed to know or noticed is that, Ghanaians are not mad at sulley for what he did but rather mad at him for all his corruptions! We want answers from him how he sponsored his kids and wife to Brazil and other friends and family members we don't even know yet! We want to know the rest of the appearance fee because only 3million was paid to the players out of the 9 million! We want him to address how a player can tell a coach to change a goalkeeper just mins from a very important match! These are some of the important things we want to know and not how a so called exc member who is abusing tax payers money cld stood so low to fight with a player!! I want him to address the MATCH ALLEGATIONS that has tarnished our global image and not this stupid, petty bull he is telling us!! Am not a prophet of doom but I know that this match fixing allegations ll be this man downfall and am just waiting for him to be DISGRACE big time!
  • Tanko says:
    July 06, 2014 01:55 pm
    I just can't believe someone in your caliber of being a lawyer and willingly sat for an interview on a national TV spewing farce like you did. "It's a situation I wouldn't want to talk about because it was quiet nasty" it's nasty because you made it so! You've been in this post of president of the FA for not less than 10 years..... You are the lucnky FA boss that successfully took the national team to its maiden WC in Germany and knew all along what needs to be done with regard to player bonuses. My question is: why didn't you do the right thing before leaving Ghana if the $3,000000.00 the president airlifted to Brazil was available before departure. There's every evidence that the said monies was available before your departure. Now, you don't want to talk about it because it was nasty. I think you should talk about it because you made it nasty. Armah hit Muntari's mouth and blood gushes out of it. And the reason was simple to every reasonable mind: the games that you played by leaving the money behind or not making it ready but thinking business would go as usual by deceiving the playing body of which you are the president! If Muntari and killed each other in Brazil, you would have been the root cause of the problem. I think you should resign immidiately, for you have failed and failed miserably.
  • Tanko says:
    July 06, 2014 01:57 pm
    Self made: I salute you sir!
  • benito says:
    July 06, 2014 02:00 pm
    How d we expect to do well in this world cup when a player will attack some one old enough to be his dad.God will not favor such a nut spoils all the nuts .it's a shame
  • benny says:
    July 06, 2014 02:11 pm
    What a load of bollocks.Did Armah not say he threw two hefty blows at Muntary? How low can Nyantakyi sink.I left him one percent respect for 2006 anf 2010 but l just deleted it.Nyantakyi has lost every respect l have for him as a person and GFA boss.
  • legen says:
    July 06, 2014 02:13 pm
    Still in darkness will the the said president till us what Mr. Armah told the player before the confrontation?
  • lolvsfunny says:
    July 06, 2014 02:17 pm
    The story is too one sided they need to give us a break and just step down
  • benito says:
    July 06, 2014 02:19 pm
    What details?..when he says he wouldn't comment because it's nasty.
  • Rasheed says:
    July 06, 2014 02:22 pm
    You really need deliverance from your pastor,because the demons in you, are actually tormenting your life.I pity you ugly nyantakyie.
  • navy seal USA says:
    July 06, 2014 02:23 pm
    Benito yo fukn pathetic modafucker.Old age shit.Muntary did right woping the modafucker nigga ass. Kwasia mpanyin.Odwantenten. l whop yo modafucker ass.I fukn hate yo wit passion.l mo suarex yo fukn neck and Muntary yo bludy ugly face.
  • SHANGO says:
    July 06, 2014 02:26 pm
    Nyantakyie, if you don't stop lying,I will ask banger alias philipo Inzaghi to come and beat you to pulp.
  • ghanaluv says:
    July 06, 2014 02:53 pm
    enough of the fight!, now focus on getting to more important things. Did you see the dutch bench yesterday 3 accomplished coaches. Any of the 3 were of a higher pedigree than AA. I expect you to do the right thing Mr.
  • Obeng_Afari says:
    July 06, 2014 02:58 pm
    when u decide to lie there is nothing like consistency. In Brazil they told us that the players never refused to train as being claimed by the media. I watched it life as both the coach and the FA spokesperson spoke angrily about false reports from the media. their version of the story was that they were not supposed to train that day. later in Ghana during the press conference That Nyantekye man confirmed that the players refused to train. I hope it's clear the bunch of liers we have there. I wondered why non of the journalists present at the conference never asked them why they gave two different accounts on same story.
  • Kwabena says:
    July 06, 2014 03:18 pm
    Teachers have not been paid for the past two weeks, so teachers are suppose to match to the accountant general's office and start stirring a fight. This ia an act of indiscipline and cannot understand why people still support such an act resulting from a 'wee smoking' . Two wrongs they say do not make a right. I wish Nyantakyi resigns or the GFA is dissolved by government for Ghana to be banned for the right things to be done. I also wish Muntari never get a call up to the BS for that barbarism. Player indiscipline should not be mixed with corrupt behaviour because that could lead to failure to take the right measures to prevent such from happening.
  • texas says:
    July 06, 2014 04:00 pm
    Nyantakyi please resign or we will force you out. Football in Ghana has no future with you there. Ghanaians have lost confidence in the GFA just like they lost confidence in the government. Nyantakyi must go.
  • benito says:
    July 06, 2014 08:28 pm
    Navy seal'thank you again for insulting me.thanks !!
  • Kofi says:
    July 06, 2014 10:37 pm
    Oh Ghana!
  • maubs says:
    July 06, 2014 10:40 pm
    well said texas. if they dont want to go then we have to force them out.pride the say precedes a fall so let them continue defying the will of the people by refusing to do the right thing and step down honurably.
  • Kwabena says:
    July 06, 2014 10:40 pm
    @benito and Boro: forget about all these guys who appear to be one sided and myopic with their thoughts may be for their own selfish interest. How can we talk about the flaws of the GFA and refuse to talk about player indiscipline? Sometimes i wonder the kind of mindset the people we associate here have? Atleast Nyantaki has availed himself for questioning and whoever has otherwise can face him with their facts. I am begining to think now that some people are just trying to pave way just for their own who will end up doing even worse like is happening in our political terrain. These footballers because most of them have not had any formal education they just behave anyhow. They kiss these huge appearance fees and end up scoring own goals. I have had an opportunity to work in a construction firm with people who are similar to these footballers in terms of formal education and they always behave this same way when it comes to their money. May be it is about time we consider only players who have come from academies or had formal education into the national teams like the Accams, Waris etc. They must not forget that majority of them got the chance to become the so called stars due to the platform the nation provided for them using the taxes from the poor Ghanaians. They should see playing for the blackstars as the opportunity given by the nation to be on that bigstage to compete or sowcase their talents with the best of the world to further give them greater opportunities to play at the higher level and therefore should not think of only money!money! Money! but think of the nation first. How can you punch or insult somebody who is old enough to be your father. This behaviour is unghanaian and this profesional failure goalkeeper who calls himself kwarasey says he supports Muntari and KPB? Is it the act of violence Muntari put up or the barbaric insulting of the coach by KPB? NONSENSE!!!
  • selfmade says:
    July 06, 2014 11:55 pm
    Kwabena.... I shared in your concerns but according to newton third law of motion," for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Simply put, actions and reaction are equal and opposite! The fa brought all these disgrace and insults to themselves! Bro, this issue is beyond the scope of sulley incidence and the fa is simply clinging on a sinking stray and has therefore decided to put all the blames on sulley and KPB! This is a simple case of finding a SCAPEGOAT instead of addressing the hardcore issues at hand! My que to u mate is this, was sulley wrong to have asked the fa, the number of people it sent to Brazil? According to reliable ministry information, mates and drivers are sent to major tournaments when those people are not needed in these tournaments! Is that how a responsible fa behaves? The fa is always turned into a GRAVEYARD whenever there is a major competition and this is a clear case of abusing and misappropriating public fund! If some people has gone to jail for this same offense, then the fa members need to be arrested and prosecuted! This is a criminal offense! If these things has happened in any serious country, the fa members wld have resigned to pave way for gov investigation but Ghana is not a serious country! Pal, u don't have to defend this indefensible fa president because according to reports, he is involved in MATCH FIXING and for our fa to be accused of this serious crime and still hanging on to his posts, tells the rest of the world the sort of people and country we are! This is a disgraceful, image shattering for our beloved country and this man has no moral right to point accusing fingers at others! If our fa president can go down on his kneels to begged for sulley not to be sent away from camp, then in the same vain that he can influenced the coach probably on his kneels to include certain players in his squad and am not surprised that Ghana has been sending half fit players to most competitions! As much as I condemned sulley for his recalcitrant and vandalism attitude and behaviour, is equal important that such a thing happened because this ll serve as yardstick or a barometer for future assignments! By the way, why is NYANTAKYI still holding on to his posts? He has played his parts and it ll be good for him to leave now for him not to destroy all his legacies! Or he doesn't want to leave because he WANTS TO COVER HIS DUBIOUS BACK? we wait and live to see!
  • Kwabena says:
    July 07, 2014 01:13 am
    Good Selfmade! Honestly i am so much impressed with your comments because where you disagree you have stated your reasons and this makes the discussion an informed one. This is the kind of comments that needs to be encouraged not those who just come here to insults because they have nothing in the head. I was of the opinion that Nyantakyi resigned immediately all based on what the media brought to light but it appears most of the issues are either speculative or simply could not be Nyantakyi's fault afterall. Because with all the hoola baloo the man avail himself to the media and flaws the media in my opinion. The media had all time to expose the man but failed and are now saying because they were not allowed to ask follow up questions. He has managed to place all the major blames at the doorstep of the minister and the minister is fired so what again? The few blames that can be attributed to him he has accepted them and has apologise like in the situation where they rejected a five star hotel in the USA should not have been encouraged. Even that i wonder how that could be the reason for our failure. Also regarding AA he might not be technically at the top but looking at the crop of players he has been able to assemble into the BS and the way the BS are playing these days i believe with a liitle push he can do better. What he need to avoid is favouritism because up till date i cannot understand why Adomah and Inkoom were included in his squad and why he failed to include Ainooson, Nuru and Adusei in the squad looking at fact that the latter were the best central pair at the CHAN who could have been deployed into our lateral defense or added up the competition. Also why he continued to use Kwadwo Asamoah at the left full back. One of the reasons i would have wished to see his back. But bringing new coach means starting all over again but can that bring the change we actually want? NO! Unless people are simply pushing for their own selfish people else i think the media has not done enough to get my support. As for the corruption untill we build competent and committed institutions our leaders will continue to exploit the weaknesses to continue to steal from the state. Ghana has been practising democracy for over two decades yet our situation continues to turn worse because of lack of strong institutions to do the checks and balances. So 'na' whose fault ibe?
  • Kofifi says:
    July 07, 2014 08:05 am
    Kwabena, don't u think u r also indirectly insulting others and the some of the players by questioning their educational background? One way or the other, these guys are educated. Isn't the Ghana FA managed by educated people and look at what happened? I neither agree nor disagree with the actions of Muntari rather the question I would like to ask is what led to that? According to Kevin Prince Boateng, the whole preparations to the tournament was ameturish; the flight the hotel arrangements and all. These were being managed by educated people and they couldn't get it it right. Why were the players being lied to about when their appearance fees were to paid? The FA messed up big time and instead of addressing that issue and several allegations raised against it they rather want to save face by making some players as scape goats . Were the players in the best of mind to play? This is very important because research has shown that a good sports man is 75% fit mentally and 25 % fit physically. So if GFA is responsible for the 75 and didn't let that happen, why should we blame the players. The manage ment committee saw this world cup as an opportunity to milk the nation and the players and it backfired on them. So kwabena, let us not put their education into question because that is not what it is being discussed here. I work in a university where it is being managed by highly educated people but u should see the way people act around money. GFA messed up this world cup and not the players.
  • selfmade says:
    July 07, 2014 06:21 pm
    Kofifi... Hi bro... This guy is one of the reasonable Ghanaian blogger here! A very smart guy! Lobe your posts!