Ruthless Ghana thrash Deportivo 7-1 in friendly ahead of Egypt clash

Abdul Majeed Waris hit a brace against Deportivo

Abdul Majeed Waris hit a brace against Deportivo

By Ameenu Shardow, follow on Twitter @alooameenu

Ghana were ruthless 7-1 winners against second tier side Deportivo in a trial match on Friday evening ahead of the crucial World Cup qualifier against Egypt.

The low-keyed game was observed by an impressive crowd at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

The team trooped onto the pitch moments after meeting with Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II and didn’t take too long in shaking off any sign of sluggishness.

Udinese midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu opened the scoring with a cool finish off a David Addy cross.

The Division One side surprisingly pulled even through David Owusu-Ansah on the half hour mark to awaken the Black Stars from their temporal slumber.

Mubarak Wakaso restored Ghana’s lead five minutes later with a trademark finish.

Striker Mahatma Otoo then stretched the lead moments later with another good finish.

The crowd were up cheering three minutes to half time at the introduction of Richard Kingson who replaced Adam Kwarasey.

There was however enough time for a fourth as a Mahatma Otoo effort went in but was later credited as an own goal.

Coach Akwasi Appiah started the second half with an entirely different set with big guns Michael Essien, Sulley Muntari, Andre Ayew and Asamoah Gyan all coming on.

Majeed Waris recorded his name on the scoresheet with a neat finish in the 65th minute to make it 5-1 before Fatau Dauda replaced Richard Kingson.

The Spartak Moscow man was however back to grab his brace with another neat finish moments later.

Midfielder Sulley Muntari then put the icing on the cake with Ghana’s 7th to cap an impressive trial showing of even greater things to come against Egypt on Tuesday.


  1. Kofi Africa says:

    wow really Ghana beat a second division team while Egypt faced Uganda like 2 times….. Ghana is not serious at all….. Hands down that Egypt well smash Ghana in Kumasi…..I wish Ghana well face teams like Liberia or Madagascar or Peru but a 2nd division team nope…. sorry Ghana its the end of the road.

    • texas says:

      @Kofi Africa…some of you guys that comment are just wack and shallow minded, yet you guys keep showing your foolishness for all to see. Kofi Africa- the useless naija man – of one of such people.

      Let me educate you Kofi Africa. The game was just a rehearsal one that the coach intended to use to test strategies and formations that is all. The main team is intact and our players have been very active in respective leagues so Ghana don’t need high profile game to prepare for Egypt.
      What team has Uganda got? second tier side Deportivo can destroy the Uganda national team at any time anywhere. Those are the teams that produce players for Ghana junior teams..

      So shut the F up Kofi Africa…you are just ignorant…

    • ZG GH4LIFE says:

      This second division team from Ghana can even beat Egypt so sit there and think they are nothing, Every club team in Ghana can make up another countries national team, thats right,we are just good at football period.

    • nkomode says:

      you don’t any thing about football you playing crucial match you do not have to play against any strong team to avoid injury bro.

  2. Derek says:

    I think its a good dress rehearsals for the Black stars. We are solidly behind u guys.

  3. niiz says:

    we need the same score line aganst egypt…up ghana

  4. Troy says:

    Foooool@Kofi Zambia, who is uganda? what stiff opposition does uganda provides?

  5. Awal says:

    Which goalkeeper is goin to start

  6. lion-fire says:

    Ghana 2 division team will beat Uganda too

  7. millennium says:

    The team ghana played can beat Uganda. This a practice and normally in such matches u dont win like that because of the few of injuries few days to the match

  8. PITO says:

    we need comments from people who actually watched this trial game. How was it overall?
    How was Kwaraseys performance?
    How was Kingsons short performance?
    How did Essien play?
    Any good hopes?

  9. PACMAN says:

    @Kofi africa this is the team that unveiled or nursed Kwadwo Asamoah of juventus.

  10. millennium says:

    Again , it was a cautious approach from our super stars

  11. sam says:

    I watched the game. This caoch must play A.Badu. We was fantastic wit his usaul runs and gud passes. Essien was @ his best too, gyan and waris partnership was great.

  12. kobby Stryder says:

    To all the Kwarasey advocates, can u all now see the point I made earlier?? This guy will never play a match for Ghana without conceding a goal or 2.. Please check all the games Kwarasey was in post for Ghana and tell me he did not concede… If Egypt gets this guy they will spell Ghana all thanks to him..He is captain of his team so what?? He always concedes and no1 can deny dat

  13. Solid snake says:

    @troy. So t second tier team provides better practice than a national team. Wat type of ignorance is this. Come tuesday egypt wil bring u bak to earth.

    • spellBOUND says:

      solid snake, r u telling us that a 2nd division team in La Liga or EPL cannot beat a national team like zambia or some other national team???? fool, think before u ask questions.

  14. It is even a disgrace for Ghana to have allowed ordinary Depotivo to pull one back. What a shame. Our under 17 Golden Eaglets can trash Depotivo with 10 unreplied goalssssss. Nonsense

  15. Troy says:

    Haha Noni@ your golden u17 with the average age 25? Age cheats naija everyone knows you people. some pple dnt need to be replied.

  16. massa says:

    Kobby stryder please go and check your facts. Kwarasey ahs been in the post without conceeding sometimes.

  17. phillbanger says:


  18. Speed says:

    Why don’t they arrange a game against Kotoko? They are a tougher side. Good practice though but let’s hope they show no mercy against Egypt. Go Black Stars Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Troy says:

    Before the Zambian game what did we not hear? the nigerians saying Zambia will beat us. Now they’ve moved on to Egypt thinking egypt will do the job for them. fools!

  20. alfred mc-kenzie says:

    ha.ha..haaa,what kind of opposition will asokwa deportivo give to the black stars?a team that has failed to qualify for the premiership for a long time and does not even perform in the f.a cup….even rainbow stars or king faisal or inter allies would have been a better and strong oppisition for the stars!ols give us a break!!!

  21. Ohthree says:

    @Spellbound A 2nd division side in spain or any league in europe,even Ukraine or Turkey is not the same as a 2nd division side in a useless ghanaian league that isnt even in the top-10 leagues in AFRICA of all continents!!!.
    How can u compare a 2nd division side in a poor league to uganda a national team??.Ghanaians are d most deluded,ignorant people i’ve seen on earth.This just shows how their brains are empty and low.Nobody from another country can utter such RUBBISH !!!!.
    Even a 2nd division side in an egyptian league that is 10 times better than your league would find it hard to beat uganda,talkless of a 2nd division side in a useless league that is rated 12th IN AFRICA !!!
    I’ve said it times without number that ghanaians are the most deluded set of individuals in planet earth.They love to deceive themselves.Wake up from your useless dreams please!!!.Because y’all are making a BIG FOOLS of yourselves !!!.

  22. Troy says:

    @Alfred whats the difference btwn Deportivo and the Uganda national team? tell us the last time they qualified from any group to play Caf/fifa compt? this was a test match we dont really need a stiffer opposition. all the league teams have games this week and next week they cnt risk their players

  23. Kwaku says:

    Paa !!Pls let us not deceive ourselves how can we say Deportivo of all clubs in ghana would beat uganda.I’m ghanaian too but thats an exaggeration.If it was another better club i would have agreed but DEPORTIVO ???.It was just a warm-up/training match and i dont see anything wrong in playing them.But that doesnt mean we should be saying rubbish or lying to ourselves.No african country is a small team anymore in football.
    NiGAYrian fools we played deportivo and so ???.Why not worry about ethiopia.Boko haram,419 useless country

  24. Ohthree says:

    Nigerian Under-17 team recently flogged a Portuguese 2nd division side 5-0 in a friendly match in preparation for the worldcup.
    And you’re talking of a 2nd division team in a league that is rated 12th in Africa !!!!.SMH.

  25. Kwaku says:

    Paa !!Pls let us not deceive ourselves how can we say Deportivo of all clubs in ghana would beat uganda.I’m ghanaian too but thats an exaggeration.If it was another better club i would have agreed but DEPORTIVO ???.It was just a warm-up/training match and i dont see anything wrong in playing them.But that doesnt mean we should be saying rubbish or lying to ourselves.No african country is a small team anymore in football.
    NiGAYrian fools we played deportivo and so ???.Why not worry about ethiopia.Boko haram,419 useless country.

  26. Kaylee says:

    Hahahahahahaha if BS can concede goals against a non league street boys team like asokwa or kwaku deportivos, i dnt see how they wl not concede more than four against egypt in kumasi. Hahahahaha these ghanaians like decievin theselves

  27. Troy says:

    Dont talk about your stupid nigerian teams here. we aint interested

  28. Ohthree says:

    Tahiti qualified for the confederations cup beating teams proffesional players.ThatTahiti would flog Deportivo by a lot of goals if they meat.Tahiti conceeded just 9 goals against the world champions spain.
    Deportivo would conceed more than 20 goals if they play with spain.It seems u dont know how useless the ghanaian league is.

  29. Kaylee says:

    9ja U-17 floggd portugese 2nd division 5-0. They floggd espanyol 6-0. They floggd Al-in(asamoah gyan’s club) 3-0(gyan was on parade dat day), they floggd ManU academy 3-1, masaile academy was 7-0. Hahahahaha and a whole Ghunger national senior team was strugglin to beat deported(not deportivo) street boys of asokwa and kwaku. Hahahahahahahahaha

  30. Ohthree says:

    Many Players in the top-flight of the ghanaian league are equivalent to amateurs talkless of a 2nd division team.

  31. Kaylee says:

    Tahiti qaulified ahead of countries like New-Zealand, Australia etc to d confederations cup. Tahiti was in brazil two weeks and 17hours b4 9ja. 9ja landed 7hours to the match. Tahiti conceded jst 9 against spain but deported kwaku boys wl nt concede not less than 20goals plus no response against spain. Hahahahahahaha ghanaians wl never stop making me lol

  32. freeman says:

    This goes out to my Nigerian brothers that have have writen one thing or the other here on this wall; Have u no conscience? U look at a country like Ghana and u just insult her without using ur brain. What kind of a people are you? You say u ar the gaint of africa yet nothing to show for it. The country ur insulting is not your mate in any area you know and a Ghanian will not insult you this way. By the way do u think Nigeria has a team that can go all the way in the world cup? Why don’t u be constructive I mean we want the best five and that is what we need as a continent I am really disappointed to see people talk as if the a God. This is what I believe that no matter what happens what will be will be please be careful with ur postings ABEG O! For Nothing pas BABA GOD!!

  33. Troy says:

    i dont know how 7 – 1 can be called struggling to beat. infact nigerians are fools. your age cheats u17 with the average age 25 are jst like our BS players. even Dede is 23 Jordan 21, warris 21 mahatma 21 etc… i dont need to say much the whole world knows Who nigerians are. Scaverngerians

  34. texas says:

    The game was just a rehearsal one that the coach intended to use to test strategies and formations that is all. The main team is intact and our players have been very active in respective leagues so Ghana don’t need high profile game to prepare for Egypt.
    What team has Uganda got? second tier side Deportivo can destroy the Uganda national team at any time anywhere. Those are the teams that produce players for Ghana junior teams..

  35. mills says:

    @ohtree.pls check ur grammar.wnt is meat

  36. blakroze GH says:

    I see good people of Gh tryin to reason with savages, just leave them to rant on and on wg: shout outs to da zombies here….eg: @solid snake, mumbi (da mumu) etc….deal with your issues, WE ARE DONE WITH YOU!!! AH!!! I feel sorry for your ex’s cos after they dump yo dumb asses, u continue stalkin them….leave us alone ok? FOOLISH SOUR LOSERS

  37. Maxwell Johnson says:

    @kobby Stryder below are the following games Kwarasey featured for GH without conceding a goal:

    2013 AFCON Qualifier

    GH vs Malawi in Accra (2-0)

    The return leg in Malawi (1-0)

    2012 AFCON Qualifier

    Sudan vs Ghana (2-0).

    AFCON 2012

    Gh vs Botswana (1-0)

    Gh vs Mali (2-0)

    I hope you’re satisfied now, Kwarasey is a very good GK who needs encouragement. A.A has to have confidence in the chap and he’ll be our permanent #1, looking at his age he can serve the nation for at least 12 years depending on how well he sustains his form. And yoo who the fuck are these nigayrian cannibals making lotta ugly noises here? These bad body odor nigayrians wont get off our fucking dicks! Always here kissing our asses for a reason, who’s even talking about Nigayria here huh? They wont even think about their game against Ethiopia, always coming here to poke their noses in our affairs, gosh!! These folks are really pathetic!! Its very obvious that they have no jobs or nothing to do with their miserable lives, always on GSN commenting on every single article like jobless stooges! There are really becoming irritation on this blog every single day, its time we flash these savages outta here for good, bitch ass muhafuckers!!

  38. blakroze GH says:

    AH….coming to think of it….do u zombies remember when u were going to play Sudan, and u took on nkana rangers?…well I’m here to ascertain the fact that U LOST THAT DAY!! YES U LOST so zombies, stfu ayt?

  39. blakroze GH says:

    @maxwell, since the nigayrians like coming here, I think it will do them much good if we could help them by redirecting them to their own problems….after all what are BIG BROTHERS meant for?……here nigayrians, bring out your views on this article, so we help you solve it in the BEST way possible…..”Nigeria: Terrorism, Stateless, Visionless, Aimless and
    Adeola Aderounmu
    A Nigerian has been arrested for acts of terrorism.
    Nigeria is in partial turmoil-no light, no fuel, no good
    roads, no good public schools and so on and so forth.
    Since 2007 we have battled with the illegal
    presidency of Yar Adua. Then came the shocker that
    the guy is working like a snail. The reason is because
    he has been sick even since we was a governor in
    I have condemned Nigerian rulers many times
    because they steal, loot and misrule us while
    forgetting to put in place the basic things that could
    be of help to them and the rest of us.
    We have just received reports that Maryam
    Babangida died in a US hospital. Meanwhile her
    husband was president in Nigeria for 8 years. He too
    had an operation in France when he was our
    tyrannical ruler.
    Present Yar Adua is in a Saudi Arabian Hospital,
    invariably terminally ill. As a governor and then fake
    president he didn’t see the need to build any hospital
    in Nigeria that could cater for his health needs. He
    suffers and 140m Nigerians suffer along with him.
    This country is sick, for real!
    For over one month, Nigeria remains without a ruler
    (fake or real) and as the rest of the world rejoice
    and celebrate Xmas and look forward to a new year,
    Nigerians are groaning under the effects of fuel
    shortage, absolute darkness and a life so uncertain
    of what tomorrow will bring.
    Yet the politicians keep toying with our lives and it
    appears that Turai the wife of Yar Adua has become
    a force to reckon with. This is so shameful. Nigerian
    politicians are acting like mad people, it seems what
    they will eat has robbed them of their senses.
    Who can you blame? They were never elected in the
    first place so they do “anyhow”, toy with power and
    might and act as if there is no law and order in
    2010 will bring additional challenges to the problems
    we already have. We have serious crises on our hands
    and the addition of terrorism to the list of our woes
    is just like the last straw-the camel’s back appeared
    to be broken.
    As a matter of urgency, we need to fix our election
    palavers. We need to fix our problems with
    electricity. We need to look into infrastructure,
    schools, roads, and other pressing needs.
    Nigeria must fight poverty and corruption tooth and
    nails. Nigeria must uphold the rule of law and get rid
    of people like Ibori and Aondoakaa from the public
    space. There are lots of idiots roaming around and
    destroying our national image and our lives…..” Possible solutions please?

  40. Maxwell Johnson says:

    blakroze GH lol, hahahhaha you’ve really cracked me up bro.

  41. Sherif says:

    You Ghanaian monkeys have gone crazy from fear! Egypt are gonna fuck your monkey asses so bad you won’t be able to sit Down for a year

  42. texas says:

    Naija 419 people leave us alone! You Naija 419 people are cannibals! and also dog meat eaters. As a matter of fact you will hardly find dog roaming about in the streets in most of the dirty cities. Naija 419 people call dog meat pepper soup – 404. hahahahahhaa….The sign always reads ‘404 IS READY”…hahahahaha. most Naija 419 people loose their head after eatinf 404 and drinking brukutu that is why they talk thrash on the site….Naija 419 people am I lying? When you start hearing that dogs are disappearing in your hood, tell the police to visit Naija 419 people living in those hoods….hahahahhah…naija…na wow!

  43. Kwaku says:

    Hehehehe God help nigeria,the failing state….u say our league is 12th in africa and yet our under 20 side won bronze at the world cup….wat do u hv to show for ur useless league? Think b4 u talk

  44. dababee says:, let’s go there give them some sense!

  45. alfred mc-kenzie says:

    all those insulting are a disgrace to their religion,parents and can u people insult urselves over each others opinion?sometimes i wonder if u people are real Africans because the real African will never use fuck,suck and other uncultured words on his/her fellow mankind!@troy,then let’s not make noise about the scoreline because the black stars vrs asokwa deportivo match will not have any effect on the Ghana/Egypt match.

  46. Ohthree says:

    Dont mention that U-20 tournament because everybody,even honest ghanaians know that ghana used Men that were above 25 yrs to win the worldcup against feeble 19yre,18yrs,17yrs kids from other countries.Nigeria too won the U-17 worldcup with over-aged home-based players.So what u saying ??.Talk about what your home-based players have achieved for your senior national team where there are no age limits and nothing like age-cheating.
    Home-base players from our league lifted nigeria up at AFCON.
    A Nigerian league player(sunday Mba) was rated 24th best player in the world for d last football calender year in the annual Goal 50.
    Your league dont produce good players thats why no player from your league is in your national team.Your league is so useless that the best player and highest goal-scorer in your league will go to a Buttom table south-african league side and be a reserve player.Would u lie about that ??.I will even post GSN links that can attest to that.Your league is so useless that the best player in your league will go to the norweigian league and become uselsee-Mahatama Otoo.
    The best players in your leagues go to the southafrican/congolese club-sides and become reserve players.That is how useless your league is.No wonder it is rated 12th IN AFRICA !!!!

  47. Ohthree says:

    Even Malian League,Angolan League are all rated far above your league.You’re not ashamed.

    Tahiti would defeat this deportivo team by 10-0.

  48. Hans says:

    Nigeria,bacteria,animalia,spaerogeria,prototesria,amphoebia,amoeba,fungearia are all necessary manace n canker dat decayed de phalanges n anatomy of a corrupt state cal 419ja.

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