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Sulley Muntari will be key for Black Stars if he apologizes, says John Pantsil

Published on: 11 July 2014
Sulley Muntari

By Rahman Osman

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Former Black Stars defender John Pantsil believes Sulley Muntari international career is far from over despite being thrown out of camp at the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.

Muntari was expelled for physically attacking a Black Stars management committee member Moses Armah.

But Pantsil says a remorseful Muntari should be made to represent the Black Stars if he honestly apologizes to all parties involved.

“Sulley is player I know very well and I feel if he is wrong and apologizes he can still give a lot to the nation,” the former West Ham united player told

“Let’s hope all parties are able to settle this issue amicably.”

Pantsil recently signed for South African Premier Soccer League side Maritzburg after playing in the second-tier league with Santos last season.


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  • texas says:
    July 12, 2014 01:51 am
    Will be key I beg you pardon! Sulley has been key player for the black stars since his inclusion? Sulley should not apologize to no one! Any apology from Sulley should go to Ghanaians for black stars poor showing at the World Cup period.
  • pk says:
    July 13, 2014 12:36 am
    Not again no one is indispensable
  • askantwi says:
    July 11, 2014 05:42 pm
    He should not be allowed to ever returned to the Black Stars. Likewise Essien and KPB. They are nation wreckers and Traiters.
  • 1st ghanaian to own a fon says:
    July 11, 2014 06:35 pm
    @askantwi Though you are entitled to your opinion bt I'm sorry to say "you are very stupid"!!!
  • Tanko says:
    July 11, 2014 06:55 pm
    Well... No humanbeing should refuse to apologize whenever they are in the wrong. Muntari would apologize if need be. However, if there was a situation when the heat is on, and the head of a group speaks to his audience, there was no need for unnecessary interference from the rank and file. That's where Parker became the instigator. Muntari was wrong for punching Parker but bought it. If Parker was right to speak then Muntari was even more to ask for what is his. All these happened because someone decides to be I'll prepared toward the tournament and that person should man up enough to admit failure and step down. Stepping down of the FA boss is the first step of overcoming this misfortune. If every stake holder did their home work well, we wouldn't have all the troubles we faced before, during and after our exit.
  • maxwell says:
    July 11, 2014 07:22 pm
    stupid and foolish! muntari will never be allowed in the NT again.
  • afrikaba1 says:
    July 11, 2014 08:55 pm
    @askwhatever people like you come hear to talk bullshit. Due to these stupid FA I have lost my bet with Bet365. lol. Look you think we joking here. The officials messed up our world cup campaign and we keep talking about Sule who stood up against them. We outplayed germany and they are in the finals. That is what good preparation and excellent leadership bring. Our defense isn't one of the best but so were most teams especially as we exposed Germany. If we had good leadership we would have reached semis with ease. Stop hating Sule, Essien and KPB, these FA people will leave. If Ghanaians in Ghana are to scared to force them to resign to pave way for Appiah to be sacked, Good will forced them out by any possible means.
  • Kweku Ananse says:
    July 12, 2014 08:16 am
    @ Askantwi Support I'm shocked at the level of stupidity and blatant display of naked irresponsibility by some here at this forum over Sulley Muntari's continued uncouth behavior. Anytime one writes to condemn this disgraceful behavior, the reaction at this forum is surprisingly negative. I do not where professionals were cheered to take up blows against authority. The Brazilians lost by 7-1 -World Cup record but yet to hear the players have "skinned" their coach & supporting team alive. The last time members of the Black Stars did not receive what was promised to them was in 1978, when then Head of State Kutu Acheampong did not honor the bungalow offer. On the contrary, this crop of players have got all the adulation and support with nothing to show. Ghana last won a trophy at senior level was in 1982. Ghana is in turmoil economically with hardship being felt throughout the country. Yet, Sulley and his cohorts could only hold hostage a whole nation's heart over appearance feel. Did they forget that the platform offered to them by the nation was a honor to promote their individual careers? Greece players advised their money be used to build a training facility. I'll continue to advocate that Sulley be ban from the Black Stars. Nowhere should such low class, indiscipline and utmost disrespect be encouraged. That was disgraceful, especially involving a player with such notoriety. Wasn't this same Sulley who insulted the coach for substituting him at one time in a game? Wasn't this same Sulley whose mother famously declared that " No Sulley No Black Stars" Such arrogance and bluff with very little to show indeed. Defeat in an competition is equally part of it. The English performed poorly with great players but England is not on fire; The Brazilians broke their nations heart but we've not heard of an impending cou de tat. How about Portugal, Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, etc Ghana can only success in its conquest for honors with players of immense dedication, discipline and selflessness. Our soccer stars must be the role models we have known them to be. Even in the jungle, there is hierarchy.
  • Benny says:
    July 12, 2014 09:02 am
    Funny world,sometimes those portraying to be wise end up being the most stupid of all.How can anyone judge Muntari when you don't have the full story.Three former ex black stars players have all said IF,IF Muntary is wrong he will apologise. Those black stars management team were not straight forward with the players.The question is why did Muntary not slap Nyantakyi ? But Armah....Nyantakyi was the first to speak lying,upon lying,upon lying .There was no need for Armah to speak after Nyantakyi who is the president has spoken.That is ethics.Respect is reciprocal but in a Ghana it has be one sided . Those of you criticising Muntary if you any of you were in his shoes you would probably do worse. To watch your FA president tolerating match fixing on camera .Promise after promise that their appearance fees will be paid before the World Cup which was not fulfilled . Nyantakyi and his family in bussiness class as well as the FA management team whilst the players cramp in economy class and so many others. AC Milan would not extend Muntary's contract if he is the kind of person the GFA wants us to believe he is because they make sure Muntary is respected as a person,make sure his salary and all contract obligation honoured . Nobody is talking about what the actual role of all those over 50-60 GFA and government officials were.I don't condone violence on any human being or animals but sometimes the only way to knock sense to some people is what Muntary did.Until l hear Muntary's side I won't judge him.
  • Akua Doris says:
    July 12, 2014 09:03 am
    @ Kweku Ananse Brilliant piece Kweku. I agree 100% with you. Sulley Muntari must be banned. Only in Ghana will such stupidity be tolerated. You're right indeed. Even in the animal kingdom, their is indeed superiority and respect for one. Ghana does not need these semi-illiterates, half-baked, bench warmers who are only at the twilight of their careers.
  • FIFA ONE says:
    July 12, 2014 10:48 am
    askantwi, maxwell, Kweku Ananse, Akua Doris, You people are just stupid and fools. Think about it?, how many times have you heard such attitude from sulley on his club side? why then it is only our national team he do such things? If indeed Sulley is indiscipline as the FA want us to believe, he would have had such same track record in club level. Fools all those are saying Sulley should be banned. The whole episode started from appearance fees and they were told there was no money and they should wait that the appearance fees would be paid later. Now tell me where then did this FA officials and their wives and children's, committee members their wives and children's, the minister and his wife and children's all got money to pay for their first class flight and hotels to be there in Brazil? is that money also not from tax payers money?.. About 50 to 60 officials were there, some with their wives and children's, what was their actual role in the team. They were all there wasting the nation's money and yet the players who are representing the nation for the main reason why we were there have not got their appearance fee. Sulley should have started the slapping from the GFA president himself.
  • kuukuphilly says:
    July 12, 2014 11:22 am
    I support muntari for what he did but coming back to the team I don't know if they will allow.the same goes to essien and kpb.
  • Akua Doris says:
    July 12, 2014 12:44 pm
    @ FIFA ONE The Kweku Ananse piece I read cited instances when Sulley had demonstrated poor judgment and rude behavior. Seems you didn't read it at all or perhaps had trouble following logic and common sense. That's why I'm hesitant to write, not sure whether the education will be adequate for you. Ghana does not needs such an arrogant, indiscipline, fool who feels he is superior than the authority he's called to serve. The Black Stars have achieved honors in the years past and those players continue to serve as role models to all. Ghanaians remember the Osei Kofis, Mohammed Polos, Abedi Peles, Sunday Ibrahims, and many others whose contributions and there for all to see. You may need some education. I struggling to fathom the level of your ignorance and stupidity. What a moron!
  • Akua Doris says:
    July 12, 2014 01:25 pm
    @ BENNY Do you need someone to slap your poor grandfather? I've Sulley's phone no. I can give him a call for you. I'm sure he will do a fine job slapping him a few times to reason. "Kwasia As3m"
  • Freshboi says:
    July 12, 2014 03:58 pm
    Some of y'all comment as if u got no brains. How y'all feel if u getting dupped bout money that belongs to u. Muntari was ghana best player. They should apologise to him rather. Stupid FA and Coach. They will never get my support unless this fuckers are sack
  • Frederick M says:
    July 14, 2014 08:42 am
    To comment on this muntari saga, has anyone personally spoke to him about the issue? I have, and the reason for that is because I understand there is always two sides to a story. Comparing what muntari explained and the imbalance version the media circulated, I am of the opinion that there is way more to that matter that you are seeing. I personally do not think muntari should apologize if he thought he was voicing the opinion of the team and if confrontation was due to backed up frustration in the heat of that time. The GFA needs to resolves issues internally about corruption that slightly creeping in, make the players who are serving the nation cohesive by keeping all of them happy, and address petty issues within the team rather than entertain enormity and then issues like this will stop arising. It would be senseless to believe that an unprovoked muntari attacks an official just because he feels like showing off his muscles after he had smoked shisha. Football needs active brains, and when you display good thinking on the pitch, it kind of shows your brains are working properly so this painting of a "muntari" displaying behaviours of a lunatic needs to be re evaluated before being believed.