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The Romance That the Stars Foretold: Victoria and David Beckham

Published on: 12 September 2017
David Beckham

If you want to make a russian girl fall in love or date with a ukrainian girl, but you doubt that something will come out of this, read our article about the love story of the Beckham couple. It will inspire you to romantic feats and dispel all doubts.


Victoria and David Beckham met at a time when they were both at the height of popularity. Nevertheless, the starting capital of the future spouses was very different: Victoria Adams was born and grew up in a rich family owning her own business; David's parents had a much more modest income, his father worked as a kitchen installer, and his mother as a hairdresser. The story could be called "unequal love", if not for one fact - Victoria and David had the same determination and diligence, so from the youngest years they began to build their own fate and career in bricks. And if it was clear with David, who was fond of football from his earliest childhood, then Victoria could not find her own path for a long time-she appeared in commercials, defiled at fashion shows, studied theater art, but eventually preferred singing.


The first band where Victoria was soloist, was Persuasion, and later she heard about the recruitment of the new members in “Spice Girls” and went there. This was the first true step on the road to fame. The second, ironically, was the decision to end a musical career, and the third - the beginning of the creative path in the field of clothing design.


In a relatively short time, Spice Girls has become one of the most popular groups not only in the UK, but also in the world. And Victoria, like the other girls of the band, received a loud and sonorous nickname - "Posh Spice". David Beckham at this time was in the "Manchester United"  football club and fought for getting into the national team of England.


Fateful meeting of future spouses happened during one of the football matches. Victoria was "dragged" on the bench by her colleague Mel C, who, unlike Posh Spice, was very fond of sports events (her nickname is Sport Spice). As the Beckhams later admitted, the spark between them ran at a glance. At the time of the meeting, David had already seen the most chic "spicy girl" on TV and dreamed of a personal acquaintance.


David Beckham

Mel C, who led her to that very match, then recalled Victoria's stormy reaction to the appearance of a young and handsome player under the number "7": "After all this is over, we'll go and get to know him. I do not care what kind of player he is, just look how fantastic he looks. For one thing he can already be loved. "


However, on the day of "X" David could barely say two words.

"My name is David." - "And I'm Victoria." - such words, according to witnesses, limited the first conversation of the most famous pair of modernity.


Victoria gave her phone number to Beckham at the second meeting. According to David's words, he still keeps the same boarding pass to the match, on which his future wife wrote her number.

And if the beloved themselves almost immediately decided that they would live happily forever and would have many children, the parents of the celebrities did not consider their relations serious. Victoria`s father, not fond of football, did not understand what his Vicki found in this "cute sportsman", and David's mother was afraid that communication with the singer, and thus an infantile and quirky girl, would certainly spoil his brilliant career.


To spite everyone and despite all, less than a year after they met, they announced their engagement. And in the summer of 1998 it became known that Victoria was waiting for the first-born. This news was not only joyful, but also shocking. Previously, Victoria had undergone many examinations, and doctors unanimously claimed that she could never have children.


Not expecting such a turn of events and preparing for the wedding quietly, the couple had to change all their plans. David's experiences resulted in problems on the football field. A few days after the athlete learned the news of Victoria's pregnancy, he entered into a squabble with a member of the opposing team Diego Simeone and kicked him. This quick temper was about to cost him his career. Parents of a promising football player were even insulted by their neighbors, and he himself was proclaimed "the shame of English football." Then David escaped from the problems and found solace in the hands of his beloved in the US, where she gave concerts.


Victoria and David Beckham

Four months after the birth of Brooklyn, Victoria and David played a wedding that cost them 800 thousand dollars. But the celebration paid off even before it began because the future spouses sold the rights to an exclusive photo report to one British magazine for $ 1.5 million.


The wedding, which was attended by 300 people, took place at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. The pavilion in which the wedding took place was consecrated by Bishop of Cork County. For the newlyweds were built two luxurious throne, and for the baby Brooklyn one more, smaller.


Today, Victoria and David Beckham are parents with many children, an example to follow for thousands of young athletes and artists who want to succeed. In addition, this star pair has become an excellent example of how a man and a woman can come out of crisis situations in their relationship. Despite the persistent rumors of Beckham's adultery with a certain Rebecca Luz, the pair found the strength to overcome the crisis. They even played a re-wedding and again told each other the cherished "Yes!". We can say that the Beckham family destroyed myths about modern dating - love really exists and it is accessible to everyone.


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