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USA win over Ghana hits front page in the States after the flying World Cup start

Published on: 17 June 2014
New York Post had on its frontpage the defeat of Ghana

  • United States defeated Ghana 2-1 in opening Brazil 2014 game
  • Clint Dempsey scored after just 29 seconds for US
  • Andre Ayew equalised in 82nd minute but John Brooks restored lead four minutes from time
  • New York Times and Chicago Sun-Times among media outlets celebrating win

It's not often that football can dominate the sport headlines in the United States, but it's even rarer for it to take over the front pages but the revenge over Ghana look too sweet to be ignored by the frontpage of the major newspapers in the country for the first time in their history.

For a country that is often more fixated on basketball and American football, it was 'soccer' that captured the nation - and USA's thrilling opening game World Cup victory over Ghana on Monday.

The New York Post dedicated their whole

front page to the Group G victory, showing two fans who watched the

action in Brazil and claiming how the win sparked celebration.

Celebrations: Fan pictures dominated the front page of the New York Post

Celebrations: Fan pictures dominated the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times

Celebrations: Fan pictures dominated the front page of the New York Post and the Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times led a similar fan tribute, focused on local residents who watched the game in Grant Park.

Clint Dempsey's first minute opener was the lead picture in the Boston Metro, who revelled on US pouncing late on to steal three points, and the former Fulham and Tottenham forward's opener also made the front page of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

It was John Brooks who scored the winner

and the celebrations after his header four minutes from time helped

lead the front page on the Washington Times and USA Today.

USA's win over Ghana gives them real hope of progressing from Group G, with their match against Portugal on Sunday holding the key as to whether they can book an unlikely spot in the last 16 over Cristiano Ronaldo and Co.

Perfect start: Clint Dempsey's winner helped lead the Boston Metro

Perfect start: Clint Dempsey's winner helped lead the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Perfect start: Clint Dempsey's winner helped lead the Boston Metro and the Las vegas Review-Journal

Late show: Celebrations from John Brooks' late winner was the focus in the Washington Times

Late show: Celebrations from John Brooks' late winner was the focus in USA Today

Late show: Celebrations from John Brooks' late winner was the focus in the Washington Times and USA Today

USA fans enjoy their side's 2-1 victory over Ghana



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  • Edward, Maryland says:
    June 17, 2014 09:02 pm
    We need a coach who will scout our national leagues for good defenders, a right back, a left back and a central defender. We have seen what over-confidence can do to us. When some of us cried out against Ghana camping in America some of you guys thought we were over-reacting. These America played no nothing yet they beat us. They had figured our team out. Their coach just stayed behind with his technical men to watch our game with S. Korea after his whole team departed for Brazil. They just outsmarted us tactically. Like they put if here, "they out-coached us".
  • selfmade says:
    June 17, 2014 07:13 pm
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  • Maxwell Johnson says:
    June 17, 2014 07:42 pm
    Two comedy of errors from two shit players (Boye & Opare) cost us this game especially Boye what a useless CB he's become now no wonder he'll be playing club football in Turkey next season. Just look at how the defense was open with ease with just a simple one two pass that resulted in Dempsey getting the 1st goal this should never happen to a team that wants to go far in a big tourney like the WC and as for the second goal John Boye again!!! This guy is becoming a liability rather than an asset to the team the earlier we look for better replacement the better. Jo Mensah also considering that cheap & needless CK which resulted in the 2nd goal for the yanks, though I gotta be fair to the chap cuz he kinda had a solid game. As for our clueless manager the least said about him the better, this is the third consecutive time that we've conceded an early goal in our games and we haven't been able to recover though we nearly recovered in this game buh another loss of concentration later on in the game cost us. I mean cant this coach psych up the players mentally and let them know how crucial it is to be 100% focus in the game also what's the role of the so-called psychologist in the team I mean doesn't he know to do his job properly? Playing your best player @ LB when we have equally good options on the bench, look how dangerous KASA was whenever he surges forward he initiated the attack that got us the equalizer through Dede, and for him to be playing as a LB throughout the entire game when we needed creativity in the middle shows how clueless & tactically inept AA is. Tweaaaaa!! This man cant take us anywhere with this 17th century tactics of his goddammit!! For goodness sake the yanks didn't had any clear-cut chances after they scored that early goal they only looked dangerous on the break, it was very evident that we were clearly lacking creativity in the middle. Imagine how dangerous we would have been with KASA, Dede, KBP & Sulley with Rabiu protecting the back-four but instead this clueless coach kept KASA on the left-back throughout the entire game. Also what was the need of bringing in Essien when Rabiu was playing even better? Also why take out Atsu who was lively in the game and bring in an ineffective Adomah what was the use? He could have at least brought in Afful to man the LB position so that KASA can move upfront and give us some more spark and creativity. Jordan has really improved a lot the chap has a good game it was just unfortunate that he couldn't bury that chance he had latter on in the 1st half. Wasn't Warris fit for the game? Why not make a double sub by bringing him on alongside KPB to put more pressure on the yanks and open their defense cuz were really limited in attack and that was how come we couldn't convert the numerous chances we had despite dominating game throughout . Don't get me wrong we played very very well buh lost the game from the bench and also due to some comedy of errors in defense especially Boye, as for Opare ooh boy this guy has been a huge disappointment whenever he dons the national colours. Its just unfortunate that we allowed this mediocre US team to beat us despite dominating the game from start to finish, this is the best squad we've assembled in yrs buh unfortunately this time around we gonna face an early exit from the WC courtesy our clueless & tactically inept manager. Our final two games against the Germans & the Portuguese are really gonna be difficult yes its 100% possible that we can beat them buh its gonna be a huge task especially when we have a manager that doesn't have a system nor varies his tactics and make the right selection or subs.
  • Chineke says:
    June 17, 2014 06:27 pm
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  • benny says:
    June 17, 2014 06:32 pm
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