Video: Michael Essien's superstar friends pledge support for Game of Hope

Essein with Real Madrid ace Marcelo

Essien with Real Madrid ace Marcelo

Michael Essien has released a latest promotional video for his upcoming charity game featuring several football stars from real Madrid and Chelsea.

The video features Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Sami Khedira, Mikel Obi, Ricardo Carvalho, Petr Cech, Mesut Ozil, Paulo Fereirra, Luka Modric and Jose Mourinho all pledging their support for the ‘Game of Hope’ charity game.

Essien will be arriving with a host of his celebrity football friends for the charity game at the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday.

The world superstars are expected to arrive in Accra aboard a chartered flight on Friday evening.

They will be involved in a series of related events before playing in the climax event of a World XI select side against Africa XI.

The euphoria around the game keeps climbing with every passing minute towards the game in the Ghanaian capital.

There have been a mad rush since advanced tickets went on sales on Wednesday.

A musical concert will also be held after the game in appreciation to the football stars’ participation in the charity game.

Watch the video of Essien’s friend’s pledging support for the Game of Hope below…


  1. kumordzi,ho says:

    kwasia ghana is in football crisis and u are being so selfish to do your own project cant u play your charity match after the qualification? but essien remember that it was ghanaian junoir national team that makes u who u are more injuries is on the way coming untill u change your atittute towards ghana because in school u swoar an oath that i promise on my honour to be faithful and loyal to ghana my motherland

    • tbdarko says:

      I don’t like to insult people but u are a STUPID FOOL TO THE 2ND POWER…KWASIAAAAAA…. How can u try to insult someone who is organizing a game of hope? A lot of african players make money and use it any how. If one of our own is trying to do something positive why insult him?
      Were u not aware that Essien took time off to concentrate on his career after sustaining all these injuries playing for the national team? Most of us supported his decision and some didn’t. But we thank God that J.M saved his career, if not guys like u will be saying ESSIEN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE. After all we have guys who have stepped up. Leave him alone, he will come back soon.

  2. sam says:

    kumordzi u aa a stupid person by sayn diz to essien.will u say diz to ur broda n check ur mind if u v not turn ur back once in ur life towards ur family.essien has been bless by God and stupid person like u cannot put him down and wat hv u done for ur parents after all wat they hv done for u?big fool.

  3. Deejay says:

    By the way hw much does the ticket sells….tb darko i like ur comment ..but for the 1st n 2nd commentors they are unscrupulous human beings .

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