Video: Watch Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey's outstanding saves in the Norwegian top-flight

Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey pulled some outstanding saves in the Norwegian top-flight showing his readiness for the upcoming World Cup.

Adam Kwarasey is showing great form going into the 2014 World Cup

Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey pulled some outstanding saves in the Norwegian top-flight showing his readiness for the upcoming World Cup.

Watch video of Kwarasey’s saves in Norway below:


  1. Aa says:

    Ghana coach and his bribery. How can Fatau be better than this keeper? Gfa makes me sick!!

  2. bennu says:

    GSN is now bow to their prejudice attitude towards Adam Kwaresey.As somebody put, Dauda is warming bench yet every silly news about him is hallowed as some world class goal keeper because not only does Dauda influence the technical bench with bribes, he does it to the media as well of which GSN is the chief culprit.
    Kwaresey needs encouragement because he is a good goal keeper.
    It is unfortunate that our leaders only thinks of their myopic interest instead of the national good.
    How can a keeper who is warming bench be our number one whist active players are sidelined. The cheek of it is that stupid goalkeeper coach who would not get any coaching job even in under six football team in Europe labels Kwaresey as lacking confidence.
    When you watch Ghana VS Brazil , you will know that Kwaresey is a decent keeper by any means, he only needs encouragement. This is what makes likes of Guadiora, Sir Alex, Mourinho special coaches.Look at Baimah who plays in Spain, just one mistake which is not his fault because the defence were bad agsinst Korea, that’s it.AA has blanked him completely.This discouraging attitude needs checking if we are to make progress.

  3. Chris Brain says:

    Akwasi Appiah Is Not Capable 2 Lead Black Star 2 Win Any Trophy At Brazil.Black Star Needs Milovan,i Just Pray That My Homeland Country Should Qualify 4rm Group Stage.Ghanaian Should Pray So That We Win Over U.S.A.

  4. Samuel k. Arbah says:

    Ofun dauda continue payig bribe you thik its your time and you cant play in any in de top flight kwarasey all de way

  5. Joe says:

    Bennu u r on point. Especially on Braimah.

  6. That´s true Germany says:

    bennu, thank you very much, you said it all, deep in my heart Adam Kwaresey is the No. Keeper have at now, and i wish it will be so in Brasil, we need him very much. He has the experience far better than Daudau.

  7. King says:

    Hey bois and gsn! Pls update me. I learnt FIFA has called the black maidens into the semi finals after FIFA realize gh was robbed. I want to know the fact bcos it’s been report ed on my joy online sport news. The report further stated that even the semi final clash between Spain and Italy was canceled bcos FIFA felt Italy did not deserve a place in the last four had it not been the poor officiating.

  8. paul says:

    @king : really? I’vnt heard that and i dnt think its possible to reverse the results of that match. The black maidens are already in Ghana so hw is that possible?

  9. paul says:

    I think the final decision is still with the coach to select the best players to represent Ghana. I’v always maintained that should the BS perform abismally in Brazil the coach must be blamed so i offer all my support for him to deliver for Ghana.

  10. Bongo says:

    Bennu thks, we learn from our mistakes, and Kwesi said during his time in ftball he was 100% with out mstake

  11. Nana k USA says:

    Everyone in Gh knows Kwaresey is better than Duada. Is my prayer some people will stop the black magic and the paying of bribes to ensure quality football in Ghana and Africa as a whole. @ King disregard myjoyonline publications concerning the Black maidens. It is not published on Again remember today is APRIL FOOL. Lol

  12. pacific says:

    @ king ..hahah it was April fool…FIFA will never take the decision.:)

  13. millennium says:

    Kwarasey is good but not fast enough. He diving and reflexes are too slow and can be easily beaten by world class players. If u compare him with the goalkeeper at the other team and Ghanaian goalkeepers he is the best. As the adage goes, “in the world of the blind, the one-eye man is the king”. Compare him , his reflexes, timing, movements, anticipatio etc to world class goalkeepers, and u will know he’s way behind. However, he is the best we have, at least by international standard

    • Africanus says:

      He dived to meet the ball at the speed at which the ball was travelling. There was no point of him diving faster ahead of the ball. Besides every keeper can be beaten by world class players. No keeper is invincible.

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