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6 ways to get the most out of online casinos

Published on: 21 May 2022

Online casino games are everywhere. Growing in popularity over lockdown (and long before the pandemic), online casinos have become the preferred choice over traditional casinos. However, it’s important to step back and assess why this is and how we can get the most out of them.


Online zar casino is a good example of an international casino that excels in many of the areas below. From finding the best bonuses to playing VR casino games, check out the 6 top ways to get the most out of your online casino experience:


Choose the right bookies

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you decide on the right bookies for you. This means weighing up a lot of different factors, as opposed to just jumping in at the first one that offers you a welcome bonus.


Firstly, make sure the casino is fully licensed and regulated, as well as having a great reputation and customer service. Now, you can rest assured you’re safe - but which is the best among the safe ones?


Simply browse the games to see which ones stand out to you, and see which has the most friendly and intuitive user interface. Make sure it's available on all devices that you plan on using, too, and of course, a welcome bonus is always welcomed.


Use up the bonuses

Next, it’s a matter of using up the bonuses that are available - this is where your free value will come from, and the only time you will have an edge over the house. Make sure to read the newsletters that they send you in your inbox to see if there are ongoing offers that you may be missing out on.


If the bonuses dry up after a while, don’t feel compelled to stay at one casino for loyalty (unless there are loyalty bonuses). Just hop to the next safe casino that has a great welcome bonus. There are many websites that explore the different bonuses at all the casino sites and compare them - but generally, they're all fairly similar.


Explore the variety of games

Now, the key behind the success of online casinos is actually in their game development - something that has left traditional casinos in the dust. Casino game development is like browsing Steam on PC, there’s simply so much choice and many great developers.


If you enjoy a certain game, check the name of the publisher/developer, and see if they have other games available at the same casino you’re using. Don’t just settle on any slots game because you want to play slots, find the one with a theme and storyline that compels you.


If you have a VR headset, then also check out some of the VR casino games. This can mean indulging in the atmosphere of a traditional casino - walking around, bumping into other players, chatting to one another - but in a VR setting from the comfort of your own home.


Know when to stop

Knowing how to get the most out of your casino antics is also about knowing how to limit your losses. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t chase your losses by betting more and more. The best way to operationalize this in daily life is to have a fixed budget: no single bet will be more than X% of your bankroll, and perhaps also a daily total betting limit. Come back tomorrow with a fresh head, and don’t let your emotions get to you when losing. Remember, you’re here to have fun, not make a career out of it, so don’t let your pride stop you from accepting a few losses. If you’re struggling to stop, then ring up a gamblers’ anonymous helpline to talk it over.


Practice some strategies

You may find yourself playing the same games over and over, but wondering if there’s a better way? Particularly if you’re playing against other players, like in Texas Hold 'em, it’s worth watching some Youtube tutorials and reading some blogs on different strategies. There can even be strategies in Blackjack that can help tip the odds a little more in your favor, without full-blown card counting (card counting doesn’t work online, anyway).


Play the games with lower house odds

Given that you have such a large choice of games, it would be silly to play the ones in which you have the worst chances of winning. The online casino should detail the payout ratios and odds on all of their games, and this should give you an idea of which ones have the smallest house edge.


In traditional casinos, blackjack is known for having a small house edge, whilst 2 or 3-zero roulette has a large one. However, online casinos do their own thing, really, and it’s worth checking to make sure they’re not being exploitative too with discreetly terrible odds.

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