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All you need to know about UniCredit Tower, Milan 

Published on: 12 June 2020

UniCredit Tower is a skyscraper located in Milan, Italy. A skyscraper is a high rise building that has so many floors. UniCredit Tower in Milan is the largest building in Italy. It has a height of about 231m. This tower can be seen from up to six miles away.



UniCredit Tower in Milan was designed by an Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. He has designed most of the tallest buildings in different countries. It was developed by Hines Italia. Its construction started in 2009 and was completed in 2011 when its magnificent steel spire attached to it. It has about 33 floors. The building is topped with stainless steel that makes it more valuable.



UniCredit is a global banking and financial services company based in Italy. This company has connections in 17 different countries with about 50 marketplaces. It has more than 8,500 branches. There are about 100,000 employees working for UniCredit. All this information shows that UniCredit is one of the biggest international banking and financial services company. In western and eastern Europe, its strategic position gives the highest market shares of the continent.


How was UniCredit formed?

In 1988, UniCredit was formed by merging different Italian banking agencies. Some major banks were Unicredito and CreditoItaliano. The owners of Unicredito received about 38.46% new shares from CreditoItaliano. So CreditoItaliano renamed itself to UnicreditoItaliano. Thus, the two banks merged into a single one. Other banks of Italy also joined UnicreditoItaliano between 1998 and 2000. Gradually, its network got wider, and they were introduced in different areas of Europe. It was then called as UniCredit. UniCredit widened its strength by opening its branches in different countries.


UniCredit Tower, Milan

The UniCredit Tower Milan is actually the headquarters of UniCredit Company. As it is the tallest building in Italy, it has got great fame in the world. Its structure is appealing and so that tourists are attracted by it. The whole building is made of high-quality stainless steel and glass. The elevators inside the tower are so unique. UniCredit tower is a lush building. So many people want to serve there, but it is a difficult task to get a job in UniCredit Tower. Great businessmen arrange their meetings in UniCredit Tower.


Advanced bookings 

UniCredit tower is so busy and a high-five building. Anyone who wants to have a meeting there needs to reserve their rooms in advance. Only people from high class can have access to that building. Their assistance is available online. They take online booking orders and inform you about their upcoming events and whatever you want to know about.

Food Court in UniCredit Tower

In any superabundant building, a food court is a must place. The food court of UniCredit Tower is one of the most famous things about this building. Its significance cannot be ignored. The food court has luxurious cafés and some rich restaurants. The taxes imposed on these restaurants are worth their standards. The reviews about its food court are always positive and best. Some people visit UniCredit just for the food court to enjoy the luxuriant food cafés.

Steel Spire

Spire is an architectural component that makes the building more attractive. It can also be built to increase the height of the building or to serve as a lightning element of the building. The spire on top of the UniCredit Tower is made stainless steel. It is totally covered with LED lights. These lights are lit at night. The lights can change colors according to occasions. For example, on Christmas Eve, it is lit with green lights to represent the Christmas tree. In 2014, on the night of 14 and 15 June, it was lit with red color lights to celebrate the 150 years’ anniversary of the Italian Red Cross. Its spire plays a great role in making the tower more valuable and eye-catching.

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