Belgium youth international Peersman wants to play for Ghana

Published on: 11 February 2011

Belgian youth international Marvin Peersman is considering switching nationality to play for Ghana after meeting Ghana FA boss this week, can exclusively reveal.

The 19-year-old, who was born to a Ghanaian father and a Belgian mother, met Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi in Antwerp this week to discuss the possibility of playing for the West Africans.

The meeting was held in the Belgian city of Antwerp after Ghana played an international friendly against Togo.

Peersman, who plays as a left-back, has been targeted by Dutch giants Feyenoord as he is one of the discoveries of Belgian football in recent times.

His decision to consider nationality switch has been welcomed as it could be the permanent solution to the left-back problems of the Black Stars.

The Ghana FA boss says they will begin processing Peersman's papers for the switch to be completed.

"It is an exciting to know after meeting Marwin that he wants to play for Ghana," Ghana FA boss Nyantakyi told

"First we have to go through the channel of get his papers sorted with Fifa before the nationality switch is approved.

"There are many opportunities for him to play for Ghana including the U20, the U23 and the Black Stars.

Peersman told he has been yearning for the opportunity to play for the country of his father.

"I have been following all the national teams of Ghana for a long time and I have been yearning for the opportunity to play for Ghana," Peersman told

"Players like Gyan, Essien, Appiah, the Ayews, Muntari, have all been my favourite and will happily play for my country.

"I am happy with the meeting with the Ghana FA boss and will start working on the papers to enable me play for Ghana.

Peersman began his professional career in 2009 at Beveren as a 17-year-old.

He also played in five games for the 2009 Belgian youth national team.

If approved by new Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic, he could provide a good competition for Black Stars left-back David Addy.


  • prime
    says: 8 years ago
    Reading this article makes me remember of odjija, what is GFA doing about him? I pray that no one takes him because he is a great opportunity for the BS. Sabacious, let me hear from you
  • prime
    says: 8 years ago
    Please don't get wrong, why are Europeans given more opportunity to play for Ghana other than our great upcoming home-based players?
  • sabacious
    says: 8 years ago
    good news! there are bunch of kids with potential over here in europe who are willing to don the ghana jersey but due to the personal interest of those in the GFA.they refuse to fastrack those players switch,just to pave way for their favourites average players.i keep on asking,what does ghana as a nation loss,if we facilitate the nationality stwitch of these players and they couldn't even make the grade?how much does it even cost to switch the nationality of the said players?we're living in the world where every country is now chasing young footballers to play for them,so what preevent us from doing the same?albert adomah,daniel nii tackie mensah welbeck are all guys with great potential who can solve our goal scoring problem.i hope and pray that we can add more talent to the STARS.i keep on saying that,we're been over rated in world footabll.with the exception of essien,sulley and kp boateng.i can boldly say the rest of our starting 11 will not make the starting 11 of senegal,cameroun,ivory coast and even nigerian but yet we call our selves the best in africa.the signs are clear and untill the right measures is taken to unearth more talents to beef up the team.the doom days of the stars is just in the corner.
  • Nee-How
    says: 8 years ago
    please prime, look at our local players now. CHAN is example enough that the last good ones have left, inkoom, lee addy and agyemang badu. if another crop of players are coming up we should use that to fill the void while grooming another set of really good local based players. Simple logic
  • Agya Addai
    says: 8 years ago
    Even de dead want more, if only he gud, y not ?
  • Bemol
    says: 8 years ago
    Saba their u go wrong again who did the likes have to compel to our players name them i am pending.which africa team can the likes of vorsah,mensha,paintsil,dede,kwadwo,gyan,johnatan mensha etc not make starting 11 name them.
  • Musah Fifa
    says: 8 years ago
    Sabacious this is where you get all wrong, you believe in name, and we blieve in team work, so is like Barcelona has a team and Real madrid has a name,so in football there are two different things the teamwork and the team in name of the players, so you can't compare,so we should learn how to make team not names.
  • sabacious
    says: 8 years ago
    for once,am happy to read from smart ppl like koby and kwaame.bro kwame its strange to argue that,LUCK dont play a key role in football.are u telling me that the penalty against serbian was due to pleasure?south africa and ivory coast scored more goals than us and had the same 4points that took us to the 1/16 but yet they couldnt make it to the next round.what could have happened if serbian did draw or won against australia?about the ongoing chan tourny,is herbert using the same players that took us to the final in ivory coast?if yes then u have a strong case but if no,then that buttress my point.about the over rated of our team.pls just do ur own research and go through the players in the cameroun,senegal,ivory coast and nigeria and see it ur self if annan,dede,john mensah,vorsah,paintsil,olele and inkoom will make the first 11.players like adiyiah,tagoe,lee adyy,badu and clottey will not even be on the bench of the above countries.all the players in the above national teams are all playing top club football and are regular for their clubs unlike ghana with bunch of benchwarmers and inactive players.u talk of the germany team but u forgot that the bundesliga is one of the best in the world.the success of every national team is determine by the competitive nature of their wonder ghana is suffering in sudan as a result of our YAWA league.
  • Bala Muhammed, Kumasi, Kumasi Poly
    says: 8 years ago
    I always say this 'believe in Mr. Kwasi Nyankye's administration' you see how things are changing we are on the way getting new player for the number three(3) position. We have been hustling for that position for a long time and now we have get it, hoped Marvin Peersman will fit in that position.
  • maka
    says: 8 years ago
    Ok, now to Bro, Saba, Kwame Uk, et al; Plain and simple - to succeed in soccer, certain ingredients are needed: 1. quality 2. the will to win 3. TEAM WORK!...and a BIT OF LUCK! These 3 go hand in hand. Assuming that with all the quality Barca had, they still had no team work or the urge to win more trophies, nothing comes to light! It goes for the others as well, because regardless of the will to "die" or win and the team work available but there is no quality, it doesn't go anywhere --- because one cannot TRAIN DONKEYS to win games (ask Milo about this regarding his team in Saudi Arabia)! All I am saying is that those days of Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah, Sarfo Gyamfi, Prince Opoku Polley, Frimpog Manso, Richard Naawu, Stanley Aborah, Frank Amankwaa, etc., did not get us anywhere, and we are all witnesses of why that was so! If Ghana is ranked #1 in Africa, it means we deserve it (with some bit of luck involved); we might not have the quality Ivory Coast has nor the grit Cameroun possesses or Egypt wields, but team work and respect got the guys there! Why do you think Muntari was almost thrown out...and we all saw what Andre did in Sulley's place although Muntari is par quality and more experienced/stronger compared to Andre. Long and short--- Ghana is number one, so we must all help to keep it there by "pouring fire" on the arses of these corrupt GFA officials to do what they have to do to win us trophies! Being #1 without a trophy in almost 3 decades isn't an achievement! This isn't the first time we have become number one....and when we were number one in those days, we were winning or had won trophies. Currently, see this trend: Local is sucks, U-17 did not qualify, Women's teams (senior and junior) in shambles, CHAN was a debacle, MidSea saga was a shame, tussle between government officials and soccer officials over positions and "dw33t33" ....and the most annoying thing of all, this lazy butt GFA cannot even fast track players to switch and play for us! People, we are simply sitting on a time BOMB,and when it explodes, we might not even be able to represent in any type of sports from junior to senior levels! Albert Adoma, Odjidja, Drobo Ampem, Danny Welbeck, Joseph Gyau, Tortor (Anyone hear of him before, AC Milan), Daniel Frimpong, Adam Kwarasey (thank God they claim its almost done--but how long did he have to wait??), Peersman (pictured with Nyantakyi above), Kelvin Osei (who plays with Dede and Jordan and had to personally come and tell the U-20 officials that he wants to play for Ghana, and rightly justified his inclusion to be capped)...and a whole myriad of others are simply doing great, and yet GFA won't do anything. I am thinking that perhaps, they want all these guys to book their plane tickets and come justify their inclusions like playmaker Kevin Osei did before they cap them---but how can you cap these guys if you have not either made an effort to contact them or initiated processing of their switch? Or they want the guys to come in and tell them "we want to play for Ghana" so that it paves the way for FAT BRIBES to be paid? In other words, we are setting up a system for failure whereby soon, processing of switch can only take players for willing and quality players ONLY after they have LINED the pockets of officials? In Africa, leaders are always planning to fail because they fail to plan. Why did real Madrid go for Adebayor although Benzema was around -- just to provide competition for him. But in Ghana/ Africa, we depend on single individual players such that they eventually begin to feel the "god-like" status and irreplaceable...and for sure, when they are not around, their teams struggle! It is about time we learned from Europe or South America! GFA, please begin to fast track the switch and cap all thse guys coming up even if they don't make the cut now, we lose nothing in capping them! Why, players improve and lose form all the time, so some of them might not make the grade now but would shine/improve later in their careers----look at what Nigeria had to go through with Emenike? He wasn't capped and almost played for Turkey but he is a late blossomer like Drogba and now Naija have quickly begged and capped him! Some players blossom late, and some flop later after beginning please, GFA, start capping these dudes and provide competition in all areas----from GOALKEEPING to STRIKING! Don't wait and try to cap them when they are old or past their peak! We need competition for 'Olele', Paintsil, John Mensah (who is injury prone), Essien, Gyan, etc. See how difficult it was for our left back after the legendary ISAAC ASARE retired? Yet, we had Nana Kwasi Asare and see how long it took for him to be called up or given the chance to prove himself, and yet we all knew Sarpei was good but not the permanent solution...and that is why I personally sometimes ask myself whether our leaders are dumb, corrupt, or both! Because even when everything is glaring and they must do it, they have to be pushed to do it! I have more to say but would speak later...but for now, ladies and gentlemen, let's bask in the glory and put fire down the throats of these leaders so that our present status is cemented. We have to win CAN 2012/2013, get gold in the Olympics next year, and we must at least reach the final in Brazil 2014. Who said we cannot do it if the right things are done and the total quality we have is harnessed? By the way, are our sports officials also neglecting the other known sports as well? What happened to athletics, et al? People, we must wake up because in the end, we might be living in fools' paradise, chasing after fools' gold! Who said we can all play soccer...for all you know, the next Marion Jones or Usain Bolt is among us...but these leaders are sure to kill the talent and dreams of such people! I shall speak later...I rest my case and keep my fingers crossed! Finally, I must say that we don't have any better players on the local scene again..period! The local scene is done...and new talent must be unearthed with vigorous and active programs! God bless Ghana ...and all the 1 million coaches we have.
  • K Duah frm Worcester UK
    says: 8 years ago
    waooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I doff my hat to all forumites. this is what i call informed discussions.Congrats Sabacious,Shakes,Kwame and everyone who has contributed so far.Discussions devoid of insults is what will keep us educated. sabacious is sometimes criticised on his views but i believe they are motivated by his love for his country though i must admit his views are sometimes sentimental.On the issue on board,NO COMMENT cos u guys have said it all
  • The PAPA
    says: 8 years ago
    The papa wants to use this opportunity to congratulate all forumites for this informed discussion, a discussion that has been devoid of abuse and insult, demeaning of others integity and the use of bad language. I personally don't like contributing because of the afore mentioned issues. I think this is the best way to go if we really want to add our names to the rest of Ghanaians who want to uphold civility. Thank you all