Former Ghana striker Ransford Osei opens up on how he lost U-20 captaincy to Andre Ayew in 2009

Published on: 02 December 2023

Former Ghana U-20 star Ransford Osei has disclosed the circumstances surrounding the handover of the captain's armband to Andre Dede Ayew during the 2009 CAF U20 championship in Rwanda.

Osei, who had successfully captained the team in the first qualification match against Angola, was asked to relinquish his captaincy after the game when news arrived that Andre Dede Ayew would be joining the squad. The pivotal moment occurred ahead of the second game against Gambia.

"I captained the first qualification against Angola… So ahead of the second game against Gambia, I was in camp, and they told me that the captain was coming, so I should hand over the captain’s armband. And I asked ‘Which captain?’... They said Dede Ayew is joining and he will be the captain. I said ‘Oh okay’ and handed it over without saying anything," Osei revealed during an interview with Dokk Royal Channel on YouTube.

Assistant manager Orlando Willington conveyed the decision to Osei, who promptly complied without hesitation. Dede Ayew took over as captain, and the Ghanaian U-20 team went on to triumph in the U-20 AFCON, securing qualification for the U-20 World Cup.

Despite the change in leadership, Ransford Osei's impressive performance on the field earned him the top scorer award with seven goals during the tournament. The team continued its success by winning the U-20 World Cup hosted by Egypt, solidifying Ghana’s position as the only African nation to clinch the prestigious youth football tournament.

Osei, whose career faced challenges in the aftermath, has been unveiling behind-the-scenes moments in recent revelations.

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