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Former VP Masfurroll: I'm ashamed of what's going on at Barcelona

Published on: 10 April 2020

Former Barcelona vice-president Gabriel Masfurroll has expressed his disappointment with the ongoing situation at the Camp Nou.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has faced plenty of opposition within the club's board and has been involved in scandals like the one involving social media abuse.

"What is happening at Barcelona is making me [feel] ashamed," Masfurroll told Radio MARCA.

"With what is going down, it gives me the feeling that there are people who are wasting their time miserably when they should dedicate it to other things.

"Personal interests, ambitions of power, disagreements... but I think there are more important things these days.

"From what I know, Bartomeu is a very normal person.

"It's like politics, I've never wanted to go into politics. Egos and vanities, external pressure... it all ends up exploding.

"It's a shame. He'd carried out a mandate and a half with certain normality, but Bartomeu is ending up like the dawn rosary.

"It's also true that almost every Barcelona president ends badly."

Masfurroll also discussed the situation regarding Lionel Messi, who has just over a year left on his contract at Barcelona.

"[He's] the master of Barcelona, he feels very good here," he said about the Argentine.

"He's not going to move. Not to tease too much...

"He puts his family before everything, and they're very happy in Barcelona.

"I think Leo will stay."


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