How to Start a Youth Football Team

Published on: 29 May 2019

Youth football cannot only unlock children’s sporting talent, but it can also help them to enjoy an active lifestyle, develop new friendships, and understand the importance of teamwork.

If you are thinking of starting your own sports team, you might be unsure about the actions you need to take to get your new club off the ground. To establish your first club, here are some handy tips on how to start a youth football team.


Contact Local Schools

To build a superb football team in your area, you should contact various local schools to ask if they can pass out flyers or spread the word about your new team. For example, they could announce the time, date, and location of a football trial in a parent’s newsletter or email.

Many schools will be happy to encourage their students to embrace more physical activity, so don’t be afraid to reach out for their help.


Set-up Basic Football Drills

To gain an insight into a child’s sporting skills, you should provide kids with a variety of basic drills to complete during a football trial. Once the kids have completed the drills, you should split them into teams to embark on a few short games on an indoor or outdoor pitch.

Don’t be afraid to host different games with different combinations of players in different positions, which could help you to make an informed decision on who to pick.


Choose Club Deputies

You’ll also need to appoint various reliable deputies, who can provide ongoing help and support.

If possible, try to appoint the following roles into your club:

  • A Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Manager

For example, a secretary will perform various administrative duties for the club, while the manager will be responsible for improving the kids’ performance and organising training sessions. The treasurer will, however, be responsible for managing the club’s finances, which could range from securing local sponsors, applying for payday lenders no third party loans to buy shirts and equipment, or taking payments from players.


Register with a Local League

Once you have picked your players and deputies, you will need to register with a local league for your 5-, 6- or 7-aside team. In some cases, your players may need to individually register with the league, too, or they will be unable to play for your club.

A team will also be charged to participate in the league each week, which is usually £5 per player each game. The treasurer should, however, bring enough money to initially cover the cost of the game, as a team will need to pay before they play.


The Sunday League Registration Process

If, however, you want to set-up a Sunday league, the process can be a little more complicated, as you will need to register an 11-a-side team with your local county football association.

The registration fee is a one-off sum of £50, and the league will require you to choose:

  • Your club’s name and colors
  • The contact information of the club’s manager, treasurer, and secretary
  • Details of a club’s bank account
  • Documents to support FA registration

The club will also need to pay £100 every year to maintain their registration.