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The world of football has seen its fair share of successful sponsorships, but entering 2023, Dafabet has emerged as one of the dominant players in this arena. This renowned online betting company is no stranger to the sporting world, with its roots deep in various sports. But its recent foray into football sponsorship shows its commitment to expand and solidify its presence in the most beloved sport on the planet. In this article, we are going to explore recent and past Dafabet Sponsorship agreements with popular teams.

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Dafabet Sponsorship in 2023

Dafabet Sponsorship in 2023

As we delve deeper into 2023, it’s clear that Dafabet is not holding back in its marketing efforts to become associated with football. This year has seen the bookmaker form new partnerships and strengthen existing ones, ensuring its name is firmly linked with some of the sport’s biggest names and teams.

Dafabet Football Sponsorship Contracts

Football clubs and associations globally are always on the lookout for partnerships that not only provide monetary support but also resonate with their brand values and fanbase. Dafabet has proven to be a perfect fit for many, given its appeal and reputable standing in the industry.

Celtic Football Club

In a union that has garnered much attention, Celtic Football Club has entered a partnership with Dafabet. While both entities are giants in their respective fields, this partnership signifies a merging of traditions and ambitions.

The impressive five-year agreement, succeeding the current two-year arrangement, ensures that the future partnership between Celtic and Dafabet will extend through the conclusion of the 2025 season. Today’s announcement showcases the largest front-of-shirt sponsorship deal ever in Scottish football.

Dafabet’s commitment to promoting football and Celtic’s rich history in football makes this an alliance to watch out for.

Argentina Football Association (AFA)

The Argentina Football Association, with its illustrious history and undeniable impact in the world of football, has found a regional ally in Dafabet. The betting organization has become the AFA’s regional sponsor in Asia, a move that will undoubtedly expand the influence of both organizations in the continent throughout 2024. More details are yet to be announced.

Bournemouth Football Club

Bournemouth’s rise in the English championship has been nothing short of spectacular. Their recent announcement that Dafabet will be their official shirt sponsor further accentuates their ascent.

As per the conditions of the fresh two-year agreement, Dafabet will be prominently displayed on the front of the club’s jerseys as they make their comeback to England’s Premier League in the 2022-23 season after earning promotion the previous seasons.

With Dafabet’s logo prominently displayed on their kits, the Cherries are not just showcasing a sponsor but aligning with an organization that understands the spirit of the game.

Fulham Football Club

The contract with the West London team was set for a duration of two years, concluding at the end of the 2019/20 season. This arrangement encompassed both the men’s and women’s squads, including their home and away jerseys.

Fulham and Dafabet’s partnership announcement was met with much enthusiasm from fans and industry insiders alike.

Unnamed Club’s Official Sponsorship

In a somewhat mysterious twist, an unnamed club has also come under the Dafabet sponsorship umbrella. The reasons for keeping the club’s identity under wraps could be many, but what’s undeniable is Dafabet’s growing influence in the football sponsorship realm. This unnamed partnership has set the rumor mills abuzz, and the football world is eagerly looking forward to the big announcement.

Sunderland Football Club

Another big sponsorship that Dafabet had with an EPL football team was the partnership with Sunderland in the 2015-16 season, which again featured the bookmakers logo on the players’ shirts.

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Dafabet’s strategy and presence in the sponsorship realm, particularly within football in 2023, underscores the company’s vision and commitment to sports and gaming. The myriad partnerships, ranging from globally recognized teams to regional associations, highlight Dafabet’s dedication to furthering the sport’s reach while solidifying its own footprint in the industry. While football is the current focus, it’s only a part of the broader narrative that Dafabet is weaving into the worldwide scene.


How has Dafabet’s sponsorship strategy evolved over the past decade in relation to global sports teams and events?

Dafabet initially focused on local teams and games but has expanded its reach over the past decade to include globally recognized sports teams and premier events. This shift has allowed them to tap into a wider audience with added global visibility.

What measurable impacts have Dafabet’s sponsorships had on the brand’s awareness and market reach in new regions?

Through sponsorships, Dafabet has observed a surge in searches, website traffic, and new user registrations, especially in the regions where major teams or events are sponsored. This has enabled them to effectively penetrate previously challenging markets, reaching record results.

Are there any specific criteria that Dafabet considers when deciding which teams or events to sponsor, and how do these align with the company’s overall objectives?

Dafabet seeks teams or games that resonate with its core values of integrity, commitment, and excellence. They consider potential market influence, fan engagement, and the team’s historical significance. Such partnerships further Dafabet’s goal to continue to promote sports and establish its global brand presence.

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