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With the rising popularity of online betting games and platforms, there’s a need to understand the intricate details surrounding their legal status in various countries. Dafabet, one of the notable names in the online gambling arena, has its operations spread out in Asia, including India. This article dives deep into the legal landscape of online betting in India, focusing primarily on Dafabet’s legal status in India. We’ll explore national laws, state-specific rules, and the broader context of legal and illegal online betting in India.

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Dafabet’s Legal Status in India

Dafabet's Legal Status in India

Established as a popular betting platform, Dafabet is widely recognized in the Asian gambling community. But the question arises: is the platform legally permitted to operate in India?

Dafabet, though headquartered in Makati City, Philippines, under the AsianBGE group, has strategically positioned itself within the Indian market. Taking steps to ensure that it aligns with India’s legal framework, the bookmaker accepts Indian customers and offers betting options on various sports popular in the country, like cricket and football.

However, the legality of Dafabet’s operations in India remains a debated topic, mainly due to the country’s ambiguous gambling laws. While the platform has taken measures to comply with regulations and operates ethically in India, the Indian jurisdiction does not have a clear standpoint on websites like Dafabet. It is further complicated by varying betting laws across different states in India. Hence, the onus falls upon individual clients to verify the legal implications of using such platforms within their states.

The Legality of Online Betting in India

India’s legal stance on online gambling is intricate and often ambiguous. With laws that date back to the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and some more recent state-level rules, the country presents a labyrinth of guidelines that bettors need to navigate.

At the national level, there’s no explicit prohibition against online betting. However, online gambling’s status becomes a tad more convoluted when delving into state-specific regulations.

  • Telangana: This state has adopted a stringent approach to online betting. As such, bookmakers can’t legally cater to users from this region, and any type of betting is banned.
  • Andhra Pradesh: Mirroring Telangana’s stance, Andhra Pradesh has banned all forms of online betting since 2021. Hence, engaging in online betting games in this region is illegal and can have legal consequences.
  • Karnataka: Providing a contrast to the above states, Karnataka has no bans on online betting or gambling. This suggests that the bookmaker can operate within the state, albeit customers should ensure they are of legal age and are compliant with all existing rules.

In essence, while India doesn’t have a blanket ban on online gambling, the legal landscape is variegated and demands careful consideration. It’s imperative for potential bettors to understand both national and regional laws before engaging in any online betting activity.

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Taxation on Online Gambling Earnings in India

Navigating the complex world of online betting games is one thing, but understanding the taxation involved is another crucial component. When it comes to online gambling earnings, India has specific guidelines that need to be adhered to to ensure compliance with the country’s taxation laws.

The government of India, recognizing the rise of online gambling activities, has implemented rules under the Income Tax Act explicitly for online games. As per the recent amendments in the Finance Bill 2023, the government proposes to tax online gaming earnings. The proposed structure involves a 30% tax on net winnings derived from online games. This move aims to regulate the growing online gambling industry in India and ensure that the winnings are accounted for in the taxable income of the individual.

For those engaged in online betting in India, it’s essential to keep a record of your games, earnings, and losses. This aids in the accurate declaration of income and ensures that the legal liabilities are met. It is always recommended to consult with an advisor or professional to get a clearer understanding of the implications and ensure compliance.

Reasons for Dafabet’s Inaccessibility in India

Reasons to Choose Dafabet India

Despite being a major player in the Asian betting market, Dafabet might occasionally face accessibility problems in India because, in the majority of the country, betting is mostly illegal. Let’s delve into the potential reasons behind this and other disruptions.

  • Regulatory Actions: Recently, the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) of India has been actively working on regulating online gambling. They banned more than 200 sites and apps related to illegal offshore betting sites. Such actions are taken to control unauthorized and potentially harmful platforms.
  • Technical Glitches: Like any other online platform, Dafabet might experience server downtimes or technical difficulties that can lead to temporary inaccessibility, especially in India.
  • Geo-blocking: Considering the varied betting laws across India, Dafabet might use geo-blocking techniques to prevent access from regions where online gambling is explicitly banned.
  • Network Issues: Sometimes, inaccessibility can be attributed to local network problems or ISP (Internet Service Provider) restrictions, which might block access to betting sites either due to internal policies or regulatory compliance.

In addition to these regulatory actions, other technical factors, such as server downtimes, geo-blocking, and local network or ISP restrictions, can also hinder access to such websites. It’s vital for customers to stay updated on local rules and be aware that not all inaccessibility issues stem from governmental actions. Technical glitches and regional network problems can also play a role in restricting access.

Final Thoughts

Online betting in India remains a hot topic, given the country’s dynamic and evolving legal landscape. While platforms like Dafabet offer services and games tailored for Indian users, understanding the legal implications is paramount. It’s essential to stay informed, understand explicit laws, and be aware of the taxes that come with online gambling earnings. Engaging in online betting can be a pleasurable pastime, but it’s always advisable to bet responsibly, be aware of the legal ramifications, and stay updated on the ever-evolving regulations, especially in India.


Can you stream live on Dafabet?

Yes, Dafabet offers a live-streaming feature for many sports events and games. Customers who have an active account and a positive balance or have placed a bet within the last 24 hours usually have access to this feature.

Are Dafabet’s betting odds competitive?

Dafabet is renowned for providing competitive odds, especially in popular sports such as cricket, football, and other games. Given its strong foothold in the Asian market, the platform has tailored its odds to cater to the preferences of its primary user base. While it’s always advisable to compare odds for the same games across multiple platforms before placing a bet, Dafabet generally offers odds that are in line with, if not better than, many other leading bookmakers.

Availability of the Dafabet mobile application?

Dafabet offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, allowing seamless betting and live sports streaming. However, due to varying gambling laws in India, the app’s availability might be banned in some regions. Users in India should be aware of their local rules before downloading and using the app to avoid potential legal problems.

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