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In recent years, Kenya’s betting and gambling industry has experienced significant growth and development. One of the prominent players is MozzartBet, a well-known betting firm that has gained popularity among Kenyan bettors for its high-level services. This article will clarify who owns MozzartBet Kenya, providing insights into the individuals behind its operations, management, and shareholders.

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Who Is the Owner of MozzartBet in Kenya?

Who Is the Owner of MozzartBet in Kenya

MozzartBet, a popular online betting platform, has made a significant impact in the world of sports betting in Kenya. However, a question that lingers in the minds of many is, who exactly owns and who is the director of this successful company?

Ownership of MozzartBet Betting Firm

MozzartBet is owned by Mozzart Limited, a company incorporated in Kenya. Mozzart Limited is part of the Mozzart Group, a multinational company with a presence in various countries across Europe and Africa. Despite being a part of a larger conglomerate, the operations of MozzartBet in Kenya are independently managed, taking into account the unique market dynamics of the African continent.

MozzartBet is part of the Mozzart Group, which was founded by Serbian entrepreneur Branko Pavlovic. Pavlovic, a seasoned professional in the gaming industry, is renowned for his innovative approach to business. His belief in blending technology and software with gaming has led to the creation of several successful platforms to bet on sports, MozzartBet being one of them.

However, it’s important to note that the operations of the bookmaker in the country are managed by a number of local professionals who understand the unique dynamics of the Kenyan market. This team ensures that the platform’s offerings align with the interests and preferences of Kenyan bettors, making MozzartBet a well-respected name in the country’s betting industry.

Comprehensive Data About MozzartBet’s Shareholders

Understanding the ownership of a company like MozzartBet involves digging deeper into the shareowners who have a significant say in the company’s operations. Here’s a closer look at the notable shareholders of the company.

Musa Cherutich Sirma

Musa Cherutich Sirma is a prominent business figure in Kenya, known for his involvement in a variety of enterprises across different industries. He is one of the biggest share owners in MozzartBet Kenya, affirming his position as a key player in the country’s thriving sports betting sector.

Branimir Melentijevic

Branimir Melentijevic, a Serbian business magnate, is another big shareholder of MozzartBet. Known for his experience in international business, he has been instrumental in driving the expansion of the Mozzart Group across various regions, including Kenya.

Koviljka Loncar

Koviljka Loncar is yet another noteworthy shareholder in MozzartBet. An experienced entrepreneur, she has an impressive track record of successful investments across multiple sectors, particularly in gaming and entertainment.

Emmanuel Charumbira

Emmanuel Charumbira, a respected figure in the Kenyan corporate sector, is also a significant shareholder in MozzartBet. Known for his leadership roles in various businesses, Charumbira brings a wealth of local knowledge and business expertise to MozzartBet.

The ownership of MozzartBet is distributed among several shareholders, both locally and internationally. These include Musa Cherutich Sirma, Branimir Melentijevic, Koviljka Loncar, and Emmanuel Charumbira. Each shareholder brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table, contributing to MozzartBet’s continuous growth and success in the betting industry.

MozzartBet’s Geographical Placement

MozzartBet's Geographical Placement

MozzartBet, despite its origins in Serbia, has made a considerable presence across various parts of Europe and Africa. Its most notable markets include Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, and others. In recent years, it has shown a particular interest in Africa, where it seeks to tap into the burgeoning youth population’s interest in betting.

In Kenya, MozzartBet’s presence is felt in both urban and rural areas. It has numerous physical betting shops in various towns and cities, where customers can walk in, bet, watch games, and make transactions. In addition, its online platform is accessible from anywhere in the country, allowing players to engage and bet on sports regardless of their location.

MozzartBet’s Background & Evolution

The platform was established in Serbia in 2001 as part of the Mozzart Group. Initially, the company focused mainly on its home market, offering an array of opportunities to bet through both online and physical shops.

As the platform evolved, it expanded its operations beyond Serbian borders. The decision to enter the African market was strategic, recognizing the potential of sports betting among the African youth demographic. MozzartBet launched in Kenya in 2018 and quickly became a popular choice for local bettors.

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MozzartBet, part of the Mozzart Group, has experienced remarkable growth since its establishment in Serbia in 2001. With a solid shareholder base that includes both local and international figures, the company has managed to expand its reach to various regions, with Kenya being one of its key markets.

Its ability to adapt to market dynamics and innovate its offerings has made it a popular choice among bettors in Kenya and beyond. As it continues to evolve, the bookmaker remains poised to consolidate its position as a leading player in the betting industry, contributing positively to the economies of the countries it operates in.


Does MozzartBet have a valid license and regulation?

Yes, MozzartBet operates under valid licenses and regulations in all the countries where it operates. In Kenya, it is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board. These licenses and regulations ensure that the bookmaker adheres to the legal requirements, standards, and best practices for online platforms to bet on.

Who is currently at the helm of MozzartBet as CEO?

The CEO of MozzartBet is not publicly stated. The leadership at the helm of the organization may have changed since then. To get the most accurate and current information, it is best to check the official MozzartBet website or contact their customer service directly.

What is the duration of MozzartBet’s presence in the market?

MozzartBet was established in Serbia in 2001, making it over two decades old. The bookmaker has been operating in Kenya since 2018, marking a significant period of growth and expansion in the African continent.

What’s the employee count at MozzartBet?

The company, as a part of the larger Mozzart Group, operates in multiple countries, and the total workforce would be spread across these regions. For the most current data, please refer to the company’s official communications or website.

Where can MozzartBet’s main office be found?

MozzartBet’s main office is located in Serbia, where the company was initially established. However, since the platform operates in several countries, it has regional offices in these locations as well. In Kenya, the bookmaker’s regional office is in Nairobi, the capital city.

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