Kurt Okraku is the 'messiah' of our time after Ghana football collapsed - Medeama's Patrick Akoto
Medeama's Patrick Akoto insists Kurt Okraku is the 'messiah' of our time after restoring hope following collapsed of football in Ghana

The soul of the Ghana Football Association was completely wiped out prior to the ascension of Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku and the outstanding FA boss is on the right track in fixing the  fundamentals of the game, Medeama spokesperson Patrick Akoto has said.  

Akoto insists the Liverpool University graduate is fixing the fundamentals of a broken brand.

He says despite the massive gains of the erstwhile Kwesi Nyantakyi administration, football was brought on its knees over an exposé alleging corruption and influence peddling.

The video documentary sparked wave of attacks against members of the football association and those affiliated to the sporting brand for years.

The government put football on hold for several months after labeling the association a crime scene, leading to a normalisation period for more than a year.

Relentless campaign was waged against the football association and its brand - leaving it in a complete state of comatose.

Many officials in all forms were affected - killing the soul of the football association in the most crude manner in 2018.

Ghana has now been left without any influential voice at the highest level of the sport on the continent and beyond as the powerful African football nation continue to pick the pieces.

Medeama spokesperson Patrick Akoto, who has said the incumbent has over-achieved, opines that Kurt Okraku has done enough to restore confidence and trust and labels him as the 'messiah' of our time.

"Respectfully, I think people forget where we are coming from. This is a football association which had been completely collapsed prior to the election of Mr. Okraku," he told Takoradi-based Empire FM

"The soul of the association was wiped out. Indeed, we were told the foundation of football will collapse in a heap and indeed it collapsed in a heap.

"Kurt Okraku is the messiah of our time, who is now fixing a broken and destroyed brand. Mr. Nyantakyi was a trailblazer, worked his sucks off and positioned our football but his regime was toppled and the gains made massacred.

"Mr. Okraku is now starting the foundation of the building all over again after the brand was obliterated. Kurt is now fixing the foundation and has done tremendously well in the scheme of things. Today every product of the football association, at least has a sponsor and that excites me.

"Together with his able Executive committee, Mr Okraku is on the path of growth and prosperity for our beautiful game. The current regime have had their challenges but the positives far, far outweighs the few setbacks.

"The soul, fiber of our football was completely put in a state of coma. The image, integrity, credibility and brand of our football was completely deteriorated. He is now fixing it and doing it brilliantly."

Mr. Okraku, a highly respected figure within the sport, will be seeking re-election in October, 2023.

By Suleman Asante 

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