Pros and Cons of Using CBD Oil for Athlete

Published on: 24 June 2019

Cannabidiol, a cannabis sativa extract, delivers a broad range of benefits to its users. Depending on the health fitness goals of the athletes, CBD oil can be used to heal or improve different health conditions.

Since it is extracted from marijuana plant, it has some of the effects of marijuana. The difference is that CBD oil contains little amounts of THC so it is not always addictive as people would expect it.

Below are some of the advantages of using CBD oil as an athlete.


Promotes Recovery after Field Performance

After field performance, tissues normally get stressed or even injured. Athletes may feel a lot of pain one day after the field performance and this pain could extend for days if it is injury. To make sure you don’t experience such, CBD oil can help relax muscles and also reduce accumulation of lactic acid making you to heal quick and return to the field.

Gives People the Energy to Continue Performing on the Field


Exhaustion could happen so quickly especially if doing extraneous exercises. Such exhaustion precipitates underperformance. To ensure you remain energetic, you can use CBD oil that will keep blood flow to your tissues sufficient. Maintained blood flow to muscles means maximum energy supply and this leads to a lot of endurance in the field. Once you are able to endure, even performance becomes satisfactory.

CBD Oil Makes Your Brain Sharp

Athletes also need to always critically think and make decisions. CBD keeps your brain active and you are able to analyze opportunities around you and make appropriate decisions. This means you are able to make winning decisions in the field as an athlete. Use it on required doses so that you don’t take much and make it addict you.


Addictive When Used on High Doses and for Long


CBD contains very little amounts of THC. The little percentage of THC is known not to be that addictive as compared to smoking marijuana but the truth is that if you use on a long-term basis, you end up being addicted. Use it only when you necessarily need it and not for long to prevent encountering withdrawal effects.

There is no Known or Approved Dose

If you have to use CBD oil for hair growth, endurance purposes or for muscle strength enhancement, you need to know there is no dose. The place where you purchase the CBD oil from should give you all doses information and how to use it. As an athlete, that is not perfect because you need to know the exact amount of oil to apply so as to get your required results. Every condition must have its own appropriate dose to apply so as to get the benefits one requires.

CBD Oil Has No Reliable Medical Literature

We are living in a century where every medication is well-researched for and literature recorded. From mechanism of action, doses, to side effects and drug interaction, there is no reliable data on such aspects. For this reason, some people find it really odd to use CBD oil for treating their medical conditions. More research needs to be done to make sure reliable information is found and exposed to the world.


CBD oil has practically helped thousands of people from across the world. If you want to use it as an athlete, make sure you seek clarification from the seller or manufacturer so that you know the dose to take and how. That way, you will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes without encountering any kind of side effects.