SHOCKER: NSA ORDERS Medeama to stop financial investment at home ground, wants stadia to rot

Published on: 09 April 2018
SHOCKER: NSA ORDERS Medeama to stop financial investment at home ground, wants stadia to rot
Moses Armah (white shirt) has been the KEY and ONLY financier turning T and A Park around

The Western Region Sports Director has ORDERED Medeama to stop investing at the Tarkwa NA Aboso Park in a shocking and bizarre twist which is turning heads in the mining town, can confirm.

In what appears a massive showboating and power-play, officials of the National Sports Authority have ORDERED the Mauve and Yellows not to touch the stadia and allow it to rot, warning the Ghanaian side to desist from further investing financially to improve the facility.

Medeama president Moses Armah has invested mind-blowing figures to improve the facility at the Tarkwa NA Aboso Park for the past eight years and counting.

He has spent over GHC75,000 for the construction of the inner perimeter and has spent thousand of dollars to maintain a standardized pitch.

The business tycoon has single-handedly constructed borehole costing in excess of GHC15,000 and fixed all the leaking plumbing work at the stadia amid the painting of the entire dressing room edifice.

The magnanimity of the steel mogul leaves no bound after consistently paying ALL the electricity bills for the Sports Authority over the years.

Medeama have vowed not to remit the the Western Region Sports Authority over alleged lack of financial accountability.

Monies earmarked for the maintenance of the facility has been up in smoke over the years- forcing the club authorities to halt any attempt to send cash to Takoradi.

The latest stand-off has led to a show of power-play after the Sports Authority ordered the 2016 CAF Confederation Cup campaigners to as a matter of urgency stop investing to improve the facility. can reveal, the NSA has written to the Tarkwa Municipal Assembly to clarify the true owners of the facility - amid fears Moses Armah has virtually taken the financial burden of the stadia.

Medeama have spent fortunes to put the facility in shape - which has been subsequently approved by the Club Licencing Board to host Premier League matches.

The Mauve and Yellows appear unfazed by the needless show of bravado and will take on the Sports Authority head-on.

Medeama travel to Sogakope to face West African Football Academy in their next Premier League game on Wednesday.