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SportPesa, one of Tanzania’s leading sports betting platforms, has become a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. SportPesa TZ offers various methods for depositing funds, such as mobile money services like M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, or bank transfers. Would you like to know more? If so, you can find the necessary details in this article.

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SportPesa Tanzania Paybill

SportPesa Tanzania Paybiill

In terms of payment options provided by SportPesa, it’s important to note that Paybill is not compatible with Tanzania. Instead, a more favorable alternative is to explore mobile money services like M-Pesa, Paybill, Tigo Pesa, or Airtel Money.

For those opting for Airtel Money, proceed to the following section for essential information on what you require and instructions on initiating the process using one of the most effective methods available!

Steps to Fund Your SportPesa Account Using Airtel Money

Replenishing your SportPesa account via Airtel Money provides a swift alternative for topping up your betting funds through your mobile wallet, distinct from Paybill. If you’re keen to learn the steps for successful payment and deposit using this specific method, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Begin by ensuring that your account has adequate funds and functionalities for the chosen payment method.
  2. Dial the Airtel Money shortcode on your phone (e.g., 15060#) to access the menu.
  3. Navigate to the “Make Payments” option in the menu.
  4. Select SportPesa as the payment option and choose the desired method from the list of businesses or services for the money transfer.
  5. Input the SportPesa business payment number, typically available on the SportPesa website or app.
  6. Enter and send your SportPesa account Paybill customer number in the designated field. If you don’t have one, sign up for a SportPesa account before transferring funds.
  7. Input and send the amount you wish to deposit into your SportPesa account (in Tanzanian Shillings).
  8. Confirm transaction details on the menu, including the amount and your SportPesa customer account number.
  9. Enter and send your PIN or Paybill number to authorize the co-payment.
  10. Upon successful completion of the payment transaction, expect confirmation messages from both Airtel Money and SportPesa. Your account is now prepared for betting on your preferred games or sports events (such as Football, Basketball, etc.) or participating in jackpots in Africa.

If you’re curious about alternative methods to fund your SportPesa account for betting, explore further using the Paybill payment options (M-Pesa, Airtel Money, etc.) in the menu to discover what methods are available and how you can proceed!

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SportPesa Other Deposit Methods

SportPesa Other Deposit Methods

While numerous online sports betting platforms have integrated diverse online and offline payment solutions for seamless transactions, as of the present moment, the apparent deposit and payment choices featured on the SportPesa menu are primarily limited to mobile money transfers using SportPesa Paybill numbers dedicated to Safaricom and M-Pesa. Additionally, customers have the option to make payments through SMS by sending a concise text message ‘D’ followed by the desired deposit amount to 79079. It’s important to note that, at this time, the platform does not facilitate direct online depositing of funds into SportPesa user accounts in Tanzania. It’s worth mentioning that Vodacom and Halopesa are exclusive to Kenya and not available in Tanzania.

Can Your Deposit Go Into a SportPesa Account Via an Online Wallet?

Unfortunately, as of the most recent information available, depositing funds directly into your SportPesa account via online wallets and options such as Skrill or Neteller isn’t supported. Use the Sportpesa Paybill number or M-Pesa instead.

Furthermore, if you have already deposited into your Sportpesa account and started betting, you may need to check your account from time to time. Let’s see how you can do it.

Methods to Verify Your SportPesa Account Balance

Effectively managing your SportPesa profile necessitates vigilant tracking of your funds to enhance both betting strategies and financial oversight. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign in to your SportPesa profile to access your account.
  2. Upon logging in, navigate to the top-right section of the website, where your account funds are prominently displayed.

Should you wish to check your funds offline, follow these simple steps:

  1. Utilize the messaging tool on your mobile device.
  2. Send a message containing the word “BALANCE” to 79079.
  3. Subsequently, you will receive a message providing details of your account funds.

For those who are new to SportPesa and are looking to create a new profile, the following guide is tailored for you.

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Navigating the SportPesa Online Registration

Establishing a fresh profile for betting on SportPesa involves a simple and systematic approach. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SportPesa website and input your details, ensuring the creation of a robust password.
  2. Prepare to furnish the requisite identification documents for verification as indicated in the step-by-step instructions on the registration form.
  3. Complete the registration process by submitting the form and agreeing to the specified terms and conditions.
  4. Activate your profile by utilizing the provided link or code.

After successfully registering, making deposits, and securing wins through bets, the next natural step is to consider withdrawals, isn’t it?

Instructions for Withdrawing Funds from Your SportPesa Account

Instructions for Withdrawing Funds from Your SportPesa Account

Efficient withdrawal of funds is vital for a smooth betting experience when managing your finances on SportPesa. Let’s explore the available withdrawal methods at your disposal.

SMS-Based Offline Withdrawal Method

An additional method for withdrawing funds from your profile involves the SMS procedure, encompassing the following steps:

  1. Utilize the messaging tool on your mobile device.
  2. Send an SMS containing the keyword “WITHDRAWAL” to 79079. For instance, type “W#50000,” with ‘W’ indicating Withdraw and ‘50,000’ representing the desired withdrawal amount.
  3. Your Mobile Money account will be refunded, and a confirmation message will be sent from 79079.
  4. A secondary confirmation SMS will also be dispatched by your mobile phone service provider.

In essence, efficiently managing your SportPesa profile allows for swift fund withdrawals, whether conducted online or offline.

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In general, SportPesa TZ presently provides a restricted range of deposit methods, with a primary emphasis on mobile money services such as M-Pesa and Tigo Pesa, along with SMS-based deposits. Despite the limited array of options, SportPesa TZ prioritizes a secure and convenient deposit process, fostering a reliable and easily accessible betting experience in Tanzania.


Is it possible to modify the currency in my SportPesa account?

Unfortunately, SportPesa doesn’t offer the option to change the currency in user accounts.

Cryptocurrency deposits: are they possible?

Cryptocurrency deposits are not supported at this moment. Use, for example, MPesa instead.

How do I register for SportPesa by SMS?

To sign up for SportPesa through SMS, initiate the registration process by sending the keyword “PLAY” to the designated shortcode 79079. Follow the subsequent prompts provided to complete the registration.

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