Egypt striker Amr Zaki urges Pharaohs to dim Black Stars in Kumasi

Amr Zaki

Amr Zaki

Striker Amr Zaki wants Egypt to settle their 2014 World Cup playoffs against Ghana in Kumasi next Tuesday during the first leg tie. 

The 30-year-old has been named in Bob Bradley’s 26-man squad for the tough assignment at the Baba Yara Stadium.

Zaki, who played for English sides Wigan and Hull City, wants his teammates to aim for a win on the road.

”We will do our best to achieve victory in Kumasi before the second leg in Cairo,” Zaki was quoted as saying on his official website.

“Ghana are strong and full of high-profile players, but we believe in our abilities and we are not easy-to-swallow.

“We will fight during the 90 minutes and will keep our eyes on nothing short of victory; they must fear us and we have to show our character on the field.”

Egypt were the only side to finish the second round qualifiers with a 100 percent winning record.


  1. AMONIKE says:

    Hey let me remind you lest you forget.Egypt is a very good team and they are well behaved people so we Ghanaians love them.However,It takes Egypt 56 years to play once in a world cup tournament as compared to Ghana who plays in every four years .The statistics show that ,Egypt will wait for some few more years sine they are engaging themselves in this play off with a world cup regular team.Sorry for my Egyptian brothers.We pray for peace and tranquility in the country of Egypt.May God solve all those political problems and keep them safe.

  2. kuukuphilly says:

    Talk is cheap..u have no chance..

  3. yazi says:

    The pharoahs are good side but they will loose in kumasi.

  4. The stars will sure be dimmed come 15th of this month. I see no future in this Ghanaian squad. They lack the ability and agility that African sides are known for. BYE BYE TO GHANA

    • NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

      Lol ok that was a joke, i know Ghana is the best in africa, the WORLD CUP needs Ghana, am ruling for you to represent Africa like always, Nigeria also needs Ghana to look good.

  5. ZG GH4LIFE says:

    Everybody must have a dream, lol

  6. morris(the nigerian) says:

    @amonike…loool ghana plays the world cup every four years??seriously? Cos the last time I checked ghana has only been to two world cups 2006 and 2010..every other year,not so much..and you’ll agree with me the competition didn’t start in 2006…so do your mathematics and tell me how many years it took ghana to arrive at her first world cup since it’s inception

  7. No to the Pharaohs. Never boast of qualifying to this stage. U reached this stage at the expens of less football nation. U have come accross the Mighty one which u never wished. U a entering the den of the lions and surely, u will see and know the difference in the den. No one wages war against the children of God (ghana) and scot free. They (egyptians) are coming against the Ark of God and, they (egyptians) will surely be devoured. Said the Lord!!

  8. voluntory c. says:

    What we are saying is that, since we started visiting world cups, we surely will appear every four years consequently, oyebo you hear that?

  9. morris(the nigerian) says:

    I am so sorry @voluntary c…I think you should learn to read and understand before calling me names…the lad is trying to insinuate ghana are world cup regulars and I only said otherwise huh

  10. Goodnews says:

    ghana will surely win. fellow nigerians let pray for our fellow african brothers

  11. Mr. G says:

    Hahahahahaha, i pray gayna to lose ths match, the more u lose to egypt, ur team would spare apart,,,, i have a felling that we (nigerians) would be the 1st african to win the world cup.

    • spellBOUND says:

      praying for someone to lose??? haha. such prayers never work. also u win the mundial by making incremental progress, not from zero to hero. u cant even get out the group stage. hahahaha, what a disgrace and joke. going only to make up the numbers.

  12. Andile says:

    End of the road for ghana

  13. Reef says:


  14. PITO says:

    Tough match. Lets not get too optimistic guys. We need to keep our head. Egypt is a dangerous opponent!!!
    They have youth and some experience!
    (If you think good, think bad) our players must know this and be aware.

  15. morris(the nigerian) says:

    @spellbound…listen up dude I think you should shut it and quit trading cheap insults on here..who the hell are you to come here and make idiotic and insultive remarks..this is a football site..meant for people with brains up there and not for some silly spitfire ghetto kid

  16. A concerned citizen.[ Correcion] says:

    Hail Nzaki..oh Goaliath Nzaki…Hail Nzaki…Goaliath will come and meet David….Our slingshot is ready…5 bullets in your net

  17. mimo says:

    Sorry brothers but Egypt wants this one more than any other country worldwide at the moment and trust me Egypt are going for kill in Komasi and you all know when Egypt turn on the style there is only one outcome and that’s with a handsome score line .. Advise keep all eyes on My Salah if you can stop that kid you might stand a chance but frankly he’s unstoppable right now!!

  18. mimo says:

    Saying that it’s really amazing potty coz I wanted both Ghana and Egypt go to Brazil nxt summer to give Africa and serious representation in the magical land of football.. Shame only one can go!

  19. Sherif says:

    Zaki’s gonna teach you monkies a lesson GO EGYPT

  20. wee ba says:

    @sherif u are a pig.u forgot yor religion teachings or u are jux stupid?

  21. Joe says:

    The “bulldozer” has spoken. He has been silent for a long time but the fact he seems very motivated is something Ghana should really worry about. This man on his day can take down any defence. Just ask ivory coast lol

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