Ghana coach to deploy two strikers to face Sudan in World Cup qualifier

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah is likely to play two strikers when the Black Stars take on Sudan in the 2014 World Cup qualifier on Sunday.

Asamoah Gyan

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah is likely to play two strikers when the Black Stars take on Sudan in the 2014 World Cup qualifier on Sunday.

Captain Asamoah Gyan is likely to get assistance from young striker Abdul Majeed Waris in the game at the Baba Yara Stadium.

This is a complete departure from the one striker deloyed by coach Appiah since taking over the mantle as the head coach of the team.

This means Ghana will use 4-4-2 formation instead of the 4-5-1 system which was so mastered under Serbian coach Milovan Rajevac.

The formation has been rehearsed by the Black Stars since they started training in Kumasi and it looks like it will be deployed on Sunday.

This comes after several calls that Gyan being used as the sole striker without speedy wingers has proved counter-productive for the team.

Gyan is a striker known by defenders all over Africa which has led to him being marked by defenders during matches.

Speedy Waris, who was the top scorer in the Swedish top-flight last season, will come in handy to give some assistance to Gyan.

Waris has shown some good signs since he started his combination with Gyan, who has also been willing to chip in some advice to the youngster.

It also shows that Ghana coach Appiah is keen on a goal harvest on Sunday.


  1. john says:

    Zambia is the miracle nation they can win this world cup. Players like Fwayo tembo and Rodgers Kola whom you Ghanians dont know are returning to the national team and are in form in Europe. Mayuka, Sunzu, Fwayo and Kola were only teenagers when they walloped Uruguay with Suarez and Cavani at the U-2o world cup in canada back in 07. Today they are mature and ready to make a miracle and lift the world cup. My advice to all africans including Ghanians support Zambia we are the miracle nation the chosen ones.

  2. real sabacious says:

    Does the way to go, I prefer 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 instead of 4-2-3-1.anyway if we meet a team with sharp attackers we can revert to the now that we have to win all our remaining matches, 4-4-2 is the way to go looking at our opponents, none of them posses that sharp attackers I’m happy that akwasi Appiah is now seeing the wisdom in verifying his tactics. A good coach plays according the strength of his opponent.

  3. vybz says:

    shut up loud mouth ! If u wer better u cld have defended ur afcon trophy like egypt did …u couldnt even go past the preliminacies at this years afcon yet all u know is making noice…God compensated u with the trophy cos of the tragedy that befell ur compatroits.. I cant wait for this average looking black stars to spank ur sorry ass… Sudan n lesotho are mere formalities, u think beating us by a lone goal has already secured ur qualification…think again my friend, u jux unlucky to have us in ur group cos we r gonna unleash our wrath on ur tiny ass in the return leg….john if u are so ignorant let me cast ur mind back to wat barca did to milan, milan tot they ve sealed qualification jus by beating barca at home forgetting wat awaited them at camp nou….dis is the exact carbon copy of wat awaits ur boastful ass in Ghana.

  4. support zambia my toilet ass!! hahaha…anyway its good initiative by our coach to introduce new formation to our glorious team BSs..we all behind you Akwesi

  5. Nobility solomon says:

    I hope with the formation the coach is likely to play tiday against the sudanes countapart, victory would be ours. all we nwed fo do is to pray for them

  6. GH 4EVER! says:

    @John, keep dreaming wai. Punk ass bitch! If we were to go by ur shallow thinking, Ghana would have won the world cup in 2010 bcos we lifted the U-20 world cup the previous year. Shallow minded zombies.

  7. john says:

    vybz can ghana win the afocn? can ghana defend the afcon after 11 months? did egypt qualify to afcon 2012 or 2013? the answer to all three questions is no.

    • vybz says:

      @ john, dnt make me think u r just a football fun with no analytical approach …how many afcon trophies has egypt n ghana won combined?? how many afcon trophies come frm west africa?? How many afcon trophies come frm north africa? How many afcon trophies come frm southern africa?? How many afcon trophies has zambia won? How many afcon trophies has egypt won?how many afcon trophies has ghana won? maybe it is ur mediocre zambia n southeren africa who need more work to do at afcon not Ghana n egypt..

  8. sululu says:

    black stones.have you ever seen a black star in the sky.or yah they dont me and me bro john just trying to have conversation with or worst brother nd you nigaz you all turn illetrate,cursing nd all no no.thats not the way boys.but really we are just dare you lose to us.oh are dreamers.those great ghana days my dear chacoal banners are long long gone.its CHIPOLOPOLO ALL THE WAY.

  9. sululu says: .why is there toilet in you me if your coach is busy switchng formations you will have a shock of you life.look,for the sake of zambia make sure you dont lose because we dont want cheats when come and collect tge three points that you ow us. so today are you guys going to find the swith board in sudan. or you will be climbing the pols one by one to remove the bulbs.huh hu huu hu

  10. vybz says:

    theres no need to argue with an ignorant guy stars might be down yet u cant match us in terms of pedigree…u say how dare we lose to u? Maybe u dont watch soccer n dnt knw what we call win,lose n draw ,theres no great team dat has never suffered lose before, if u r still in doubt go ask almighty brazil, barca and madrid….we r charcoal burners we accept at least we make money out of it , it is only an illiterate who will use a trade to insult someone…. lift the trophy 4 times n come lets argue

  11. john says:

    Vybz Ghana has never won afcon. Afcon is played with 16 teams you won a mickey mouse tournament.

  12. john says:

    Only Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon and Tunisia can say they won afcon proper. The rest are just flukes.

  13. aduuri says:

    why do these zambians think they are our main rivals in african soccer? no, we think of better teams like egypt, cameroun and nigeria not u zambians who have no history in african football.

  14. vybz says:

    @ john kwasia , if they are fluke go and tell caf to erase them from their history books… Why wer u ppl labasting caf and fifa for not documenting ur so called world goal king record set by a zambian in their history books …? Was dat not in the 80s or 90s hypocrites?

  15. Kobby says:

    @john that’s ignorance in its greatest order,did Brasil win all their wc when the teams were 32,did England win their wc when there were 32 teams,did Madrid win their cl titles in the current format,so are u telling me that if in 2021 the teams get increased to 32 Zambians win in 2012 will not be an achievement?its funny how zambia was a non entity in African football before 2012 but now they think they are world beaters.

  16. May his peace prevails says:

    That John is fool. He is too negative on and his own zambians call him a fool. Just ignore him.

  17. Boakye Richmond says:

    Barca will win champions leaque this year and la liga,pls GAF we baq u stop the give more money to the players.Give some of it 2 the old players who don’t anything 2 eat.THANK U

  18. Alhaji Amartey. says:

    USA 94 winer,brazilian coach, alberto pereira says,nd i quote; there r three football identities from africa,these r Ghana, cameroun nd nigeria.The rest r bunch of fanatic numbers.they fancy the game as ball players bt hardly becomes footballers or football nation.henc my conclusion,zambians r ball playrs, nt footballers.they r football fanatics,nt football nation.

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