Hearts owner Togbe Afede XIV acts as Executive Chairman following Neil Amstrong-Mortagbe's resignation

Togbe Afede

Togbe Afede

Hearts of Oak board chairman has taken the role of an Acting Executive Chairman until further notice following the resignation of Neil Amstrong-Mortagbe.

The club accepted Amstrong-Mortagbe’s letter dated June 30 after he was interdicted in May for allegations of wrongdoings.

A club statement thanked the FIFA Marketing Executive for his services and confirmed the new role of its owner.

“Meanwhile, Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV, who was made Acting Executive Chairman following the Managing Director’s interdiction, will continue to act as such until the Board of Directors decides otherwise,” a statement read.


  1. KT says:

    GSN, Togbe Afede isn’t the owner of Accra Hearts of Oak. Its rather unfortunate that you those who should know better are misinforming the public. Togbe is board chairman of Hearts, not owner. It’s only 10% of Hearts’ shares that were taken to the stockex. of which he acquired the most. So there’s 90% more, which means nobody owns Hearts. he majority shareholder of just 10%. Thanks.

  2. gina says:

    no no way my friend!he is the owner period !do u say bill Gates is not the richest in the world because he only owns a percentage of all the money in the world put together ?once there is a situation where u acknowledgment his majority holder status and u can’t make decisions without him then he is the owner period .i love hearts and i particularly admire this ayigbe king .he has really been an example in this country to all traditional rulers .

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