Chelsea boss Mourinho considering a move to sign Ghana midfielder Muntari as Lampard replacement

Chelsea targeting Muntari

Chelsea targeting Muntari

Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari has been linked with a surprise return to England to giants Chelsea, according to rumours in the Italian press. 

Chelsea are set to part ways with legend Frank Lampard as the English star is set to join newly-promoted QPR and Mourinho sees Muntari as the best replacement for Lampard.

Muntari worked under Mourinho during his spell at Inter Milan and won the Uefa Champions League with him.

While the Ghana star is not enjoying regular action at AC Milan, Mourinho feels the 29-year-old is being under-used at the San Siro and would bring him in to the Stamford Bridge after the 2014 World Cup.


  1. 21guns says:

    This is a good news, Muntari go and bully and strike your way through

  2. Boro says:

    Some people are born to get as many opportunies as there could be. I just hope this is true . This will be good for Muntari with Ghana benefiting the more. Go for it my brother!

  3. Ijahman says:

    I believe this to be a lie. Even when Maurinho was coaching Inter Milan and Muntari was much younger, faster and energetic, he was often on the bench. He would rather use Thiago. Now Muntari is old and slow and I know Maurinho doesn’t need him. Same way he doesn’t need the bison (Essien) anymore.

  4. Osikani kojo says:

    This can’t be true. When muntari even played for mourinho in inter, he was always on the bench. He only came on in the injury time in the champions league final.those where his youthful days. So if he couldn’t pls mourinho in those days how much more could he pls him in his old age. And at the time Chelsea has so many talented youthful players. I don’t believe this.

  5. yes yes says:

    tweaaa gsn from afriyie acquah now muntari ya br3 ne fake news

  6. yes yes says:

    tweaaa gsn from afriyie acquah now muntari ya br3 ne fake news u want to tell us chelsea only want to buy ghanian players

  7. 21guns says:

    Papadinho good job by those pics ,but I don’t think you should judge kwaserey on the first impression ,we all have a our differences kwaserey could be a good guy and jovial .

    Keep on sharing the pics on the twitter ,am following you so follow back ,
    If @keith ,self made ,akantwi,kobby,nana,Bernard ,.benito,troy,ghanaman,ghanaba,Benoni,navy,capo di capi and other forumites if you guys on twitter follow me on papadinhos twitter I will follow back

  8. JNR says:

    Who writes this rubbish? Oh yea i get it, it’s that time of year when agents and newspapers make up stories just to drum up interests in their clients and to sell papers…. SMH

  9. Sam says:

    where do yu ppl get ur info from…….I blv dis iz fake. What will mourinho be doin wid a paceless nd old muntary. besides Wat did he offer mourhino Wen he was much younger.mourinho hates players widawt pace…………ope yu de kae Juan Mata

  10. kobby says:

    Muntari would fit Chelsea because his style of play is very similar to lampards. Both of their passing and dead ball abilities are good. Their aggression in tackles are also similar. But like what ppl have said already, he will not be used. It will be a bad move for sulley even if the unlikely did happen and an offer was made

  11. Troy says:

    I don’t trust papadinho @21Guns. I also check that twitter handle. How sure are we. That is him? And with all the wild allegations and juju insults he has rained here? U believe he is a Jesus fanatic?

  12. Achimotan says:

    where on earth did you get this . Chelsea go for young guns not aging players

  13. Accam says:

    Master go sleep! This can never be true! Mourhino doesn’t sign old players

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