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SuperPicks BetKing is a platform that combines a passion for sports with the chance to win big! Sports enthusiasts may start free digital games weekly and win money using their knowledge of the game. The project was launched in association with MultiChoice, a significant South African entertainment company that holds a 20% stake in BetKing Nigeria.

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You have a choice between playing Predictor or Fantasy while using SuperPicks Betking. The following article will cover the games, the most frequently asked questions, and important information regarding SuperPicks.

What is SuperPicks?

What is SuperPicks

Superpicks initiative is a portal where you can play free online games and win actual money. You have a choice between the two games. Speculator or Fiction Predictor: Forecast the results of six soccer matches and respond to the Tiebreaker question in any round. Choose your match, choose your squad, then select a captain and vice-captain in fantasy.

What Games Can You Play in the New Season?

Everyone can enjoy SuperPicks, and it’s quite simple to do so. Additionally, they feature How to play sections that walk players through each of Superpick’s games.


The rules of the predictor game are straightforward: in each round, you must forecast the results of six soccer matches and respond to the tiebreaker question (guess the minute when the first goal will be scored). After you have predicted your score, you will be directed to sign in and register. Your predictions will be submitted once you’ve joined up, and you’ll be eligible to win the Jackpot in that round. Yes, it is that simple. You are welcome to participate in the rounds every week; there are no restrictions. You may only submit one prediction each round, though.


Remember to choose 11 players from a pool of 100 available credits while building your football squad. You can only choose no more than 7 players from one side for a matchday game. You may choose no more than three players from one side for a gameweek contest (coming soon!) with more than two matches. You are nearly there. Choose a captain (earns two points) and vice-captain, and then save the team (earns 1.5x the points). You’re done now. Participate in the contests, move forward, and succeed on Superpicks Fantasy! You may also learn how other people have formed their teams by looking at the captained (%C) and vice-captained (%VC) by percentage. In addition, you can pick your captain and vice-captain from the top selections or pick someone else.

BetKing SuperPicks Sports Predictor App

BetKing SuperPicks Sports Predictor App

There isn’t a sports prediction application. However, there is an app that you can download directly from the website. The software was created with Android users in mind. However, as stated on their official website, the Superpicks team is now working on an iOS app that will be released shortly.

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MVP – Most Valuable Picks

Each Fantasy competition has a prize fund. Every time a round of the Predictor game is played, a jackpot of ₦50,000,000 is up for grabs. Click the I button to view the prize pool’s breakdown by positions.


How do I register for SuperPicks?

Once on the website, click Join, then fill out a few additional fields, including your cell phone number and a secure password. After reading them, check the applicable boxes. Click Submit An OTP (one-time password) will be sent to you to confirm your cell phone number. Enter it to use the SuperPicks fixtures!

Is it really free to play?

Yes! SuperPicks is 100% free to play.

How can I contact a SuperPicks team?

If you have a question about your account, email [email protected]. Be sure to provide the following information so the team can quickly identify your account and resolve your issue: Your first and last names as well as your cell phone number (the one you used for creating your account.

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