Yaya Toure crowned African Player of the Year, Andre Ayew third!

Yaya Toure crowned African Player of the Year

Yaya Toure being decorated with Player of the Year award

Ivorian Midfielder Yaya Toure has won the Caf Player of the Year award.

Toure, 28, who plays for English club Manchester City beat Mali’s Seydou Keita (2nd) and Andre Ayew of Ghana (3rd) to win Africa’s most prestigious individual award.

He thus succeeds Didier Drogba as the last Ivorian to win the award won in 2009.

After leaving FC Barcelona, Yaya Toure has become one of the most valuable players at English club, Manchester City and reportedly among the highest earners in Premier League.

His impeccable ball control, recovery and his intelligent reading of the game enabled him contribute in his team’s success in the FA Cup.

He scored the only goal at the semi-final against Manchester United and repeated the dose in the final against Stoke City.

He was also one of the key players in Cote d’Ivoire’s successful campaign in the qualifying rounds for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with some goals to his credit.

Below is the full list of award winners:

Africa Player of the Year – Yaya Toure

Fair Play award – Libyan National team

Coach of the Year – Harouna Doula

National team of the Year – Botswana

Womens National Team of the Year – Cameroon

Club of the Year – Esperence de Tunis (Tunisia)

Referee of the Year – Noumandiuez Doue (Cote d’Ivoire)

Most Promising Talent of the Year – Souleymane Coulibaly (Cote d’Ivoire)

Womens Footballer of the Year – Perpetua Ijeoma Nkwocha (Nigeria)

Legend Award – Austin Jay Jay Okocha (Nigeria)

Legend Award – Mustapha Hadji (Morocco)

Platinum Award – John Atta Mills (Ghana)

Africa Based Player of the Year – Oussama Darragi (Tunisia)

Africa’s finest XI: Samir Aboud (Libya), Harrison Afful (Ghana), Banana Yaya (Cameroon), Ayoub Eikhiqi (Morocco), Taye Taiwo (Nigeria), Seydou Keita (Mali), Kevin-Prince Boateng (Ghana) Yaya Toure (Cote d’Ivoire), Andre Ayew (Ghana), Moussa Sow (Senegal) and Samuel Eto’o


  1. APPLE says:

    yes CAF has done it again with this french bias. why? dede 3rd? i dnt beleive.

  2. Abu isaiah says:

    Ok i tink yaya deseves it but 2nd shld’ve ben dede

  3. DEDE FoRevEr says:

    Heeiiii CAF again…we shall see

  4. kwabas says:

    Gutted,day light robbery.DEDE IS MY WINNER.

  5. Blackstarian says:

    Till Issah Hayatou, leaves the post any player from anglophone country shld never dream of becoming african best

  6. caf got it right says:

    if it had been a public voting dede would av been the winner thank God it wasnt a public voting

  7. poisnousmouth says:

    @APPLE this is not BBC African Player of the year in which supporters do all the voting. This is CAF man we should thank God that Dede got named in the 3 shortlist.

  8. A cool guy says:

    Issa Hayatou and C.A.F have done their tricks again. It is about time Ghana boyctt hosting this French awards in our soil. Ghana national teams have been defending African soccer on the international scene and when the crowning moment come C.A.F lines up the French people to vote for them.

  9. ghanaba says:

    it was clear he was going to win but I tough dede would have placed 2nd. However dede still have the chance to dominate this award in future

  10. Reality says:

    As long as this French speaking countries are there,we should forget of winning the title. Abedi Pele won it because there was no question about it and they could not do otherwise.Even next year and years after you should expect the french people to be winning until we say enough is enough.You can judge the manner they put their French in first and second.

  11. bladesman says:

    Dede will take it next year after been the star player at AFCON..no doubts.

  12. kuuku says:

    Fire burn caf and its entire members.only the blind will make such a decision!!!

  13. forgive says:

    this is too much. Next time they should hold it in ivory coast, sammy kuffour, essien, gyan and now dede. I am tired of these things.

  14. richie says so says:

    afful in african xi n he is even earning a call up. toure deserves it.

  15. Millennium says:

    2009 ghana’s essein against the french drogba, and they gave it to drogba. 2010, after a wonderful world cup display, our gyan came up against Etoo(who did virtually nothing for his country at the world cup), and he won relying his club lurels. 2011, yaya toure of star-stubbed man city, even after their disappointing run at the European champion league competition, came up against Dede who has been nothing short of brilliance for his club and country in all competitions, and again these one-sided thinking pple gave to yaya. Don’t these people have conscience?

  16. richie says so says:

    remove kevin in african xi

  17. Millennium says:

    And stupidly Ghanaians allow this ” shit” to go on on their

  18. fred says:

    guys, lets be honest. Yaya has been in tip top form for the last two years for both club and country. He is a key figure in Ivory Coast cruising to win qualification winning all matches played. Seidu Keita has been consistent for the best club and the most competitive in world football featuring for all matches and winning every tournament they’ve played. He single handedly led a Mali team to win qualification for the afcon without their top players playing. Ayew has been in good form this season for Marseille but wasnt a key figure for Ghana during qualification. It wouldnt have been fair for him to win. His time will come but this year he was beaten by well deserved guys. Let Ghana people stop the bitching and be honest for once!!!

    • Daniel In the LiOnS Den says:

      Fred you are right people like you think and say it as it is. Im a fan of Dede but truthfully i think he doesnt merit the award yet. Toure has put up a good show every match he played for Man City. CAF got it right.

  19. Kisseih says:

    Is the CAF Award for french players? Diouf, kanoute, Eto’o, Drogba, and now Y. Toure; what was his contribution to his national team and club in the year under review? Why this french bias CAF? HAYATOU must go!

  20. emmakwebena says:

    hayatou is an animal.periode

  21. Prosper says:

    I tink u ar right but kieta was always coming in as a sub,4 dat dede shd hav placed 2nd.

  22. atenzburger says:

    listen folks hav read the criteria? Dont jus talk brab! 1 consistency 2. Popularity 3. Influnce and carisma 4. Achievement. So i tink Dede deserve the 3rd.

    • Daniel In the LiOnS Den says:

      you are right atenzburger. Don’t mind Ghanaians we always use emotions instead of being realistic. If Toure was a Ghanaian would we opt for Dede. French and English league which one is more Competitive. When was the last time a French team lifts the Champions league. Toure is on fire for Man City period. He deserves the award.

  23. emmakwebena says:

    Dont worry dede hayatou can cheat you but can notchat yr talent….be focus and forget about this shit of caf and issa hayatou

  24. parpashito says:

    it happened to sammy kuffuor,jay jay okocha, essien, asamoah and yet again to ayew. if hayatou is in power, it will always be the french countries.

  25. jamal musah says:


  26. yaya4life says:

    Caf have done this right and can dede beat yaya b4? let us be honest to ourself.

  27. Fabs says:

    People, let’s forget CAF the orgnisation will continue to do what it wants…let’s us support our team to suceed for the benefit of Ghana. Forget CAF, the organisation is not the be all and end all of.

  28. Kuuku says:

    Should Ghana always host this event??? Unnecessary money and time is spent on this “toy” , but the equipment for our national team is locked up at the port! The money could have been used to settle the bill at the port instead of using it to satisfy the whims and caprises of Monsieur Hayatou and his entourage!!! Ghana Wake up for goodness sake!!!

  29. Henry Twumasi says:

    hayatou & francophone can go to hell with their awards. it corrupt!! & goran, be careful and try to bring a new list, coz even a corrupt caf sees the kind of player harrison afful is… goran, check ur list again.

  30. Holy de-prig says:

    Dede doesn’t deserve anitinf @all, even the 3rd is cuz dey hosted the show on our soli d@ is y. W@ actually has dede got 2 show ghanaians & his team 4 now absolutely natinf. Massa the award is not a monopoly 4 fada & child 2 win lol. Yaya & keita all the way.

  31. Nick yates says:

    It’s not just in Africa , world football is biased against the english speakers; but I have to say fellas, as a regular fan at City I’m lucky enough to see Yaya play every week. I’ve been watching football for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like him even though I’ve watched George Weah at City and Jay Jay Okocha at Bolton.

  32. mukmin says:

    This is BS in capitals this blatant robbery absolute nonsense based on what was adebayor, kanoute more deserving of this award than essien, drogba and eto can be debated but I do think they had been awarded the prize when essien was more deserving, Gyan was robbed kuffour was robbed we need to boycott this shit it clear as day that CAF has a francophone bias to bell with this award the anglophone countries need to set up a rival award ceremony and shun this circus sideshow known as caf awards. Keita is a sub not a first 11 player why wasn’t muntari in second when inter won the treble, city are out of champions league contention how many goals has toure scored the whole year, what influence did he have at the worldcup where ivory coast could only beat north korea, Dede’s influence was sorely missed against Uruguay. This is discrimination because he’s young period, you hear so called legends saying he still has a lot of year to play crap. I can’t wait to play ivory coast at the nations cup this should be enough motivation for Dede to elevate his game and show these clowns what time it is. I have some ivorian friends already in their arrogance declaring the cup is theirs but we’ll see what Ghana has to say about that. But anyways caf awards has turned into a piece if shit awards since the camerounian took over.

  33. Micky says:

    my advise to dede is that, he should forget this award and focus on the future which is very bright for his age. micky.

  34. Kofi Africa says:

    I don’t know what to say about my people in Ghana. U guys talk too much this is why Ghana is not gonna lift the African cup if u guys behave like dis. Africa doesn’t have weak teams anymore ok.

    • A concerned citizen says:

      So far as the corrupt Issa Hayatou remains the head of the C.A.F the Anglophone countries should forget about winning the C.A.F African best player award. Thank God for the B.B.C African best player award which has has come to stay to rescue the situation and also to expose the C.A.F/French bias voting Why is it that Ghana national team like U-17,u-20, B/S could defend African soccer of which Ghana has been branded African Brazilians. Other countries like Ivory coast, Cameroon, flopped miserably but they are benefiting from Issa Haatou’s C.A.F french voting.

      • A concerned citizen says:

        Please, Issa Hayatou remove KPBoateng from the selecton because he is no more with us and also remove Harrison because we did not even select him for the AFCON 2012. C.A.F you can not play tricks on our intelligence for you are only doing this to appease Ghana

  35. Richard says:

    Idont really know how they choose best prayer of the year. Ti be frank, how many matches did yaya played this year caf always bias

  36. R Abbey says:

    I thank God Toure won it and he dserves it.Abedi is short selfish and wicked

  37. kuuku says:

    @ the guy fred.ur mother is the bitch.u dont know shit about soccer to be talking like that.

  38. kuuku says:

    @ r abbey,u sound like u r in die need of wisdom.so let me know when u done fucking urself…

  39. prince bawah osman says:

    i’m cool with yaya being winner but keita 2nd? impossible.this should tell us how hayattou hates us.anyway better luck to dede next time

  40. ballack says:

    unbelievable, so u guys expected ayew to win it over yaya?. That cudn’t be fair. How cud someone even raise comparison of eto’o and gyan, u should be talking about george weah, didier drogba, etc in eto’o class not gyan cos he isn’t even on that level. Hav anglo-phone playas not won this award before?, this year they weren’t just good enough. My only prob is moussa sow shuld hav made the final 3 at either keita or ayew’s expense, his exploit in ligue 1 was just fantastic in the year in review. Ayew will win in future, but this one just had to be yaya

  41. mptri says:

    issa hayatou is a dirty german dog!!!!!!

  42. kwame-Blazefame says:

    The same ppl talking about the francophone countries shit….who vote on the caf president?…..if anglophone countries were tired of this shit, then why do they even participate in the elections?….Nyantakyi said nothing about this and he is part of the selection committee. I guess he agreed with fifa’s choice so lets deal with it…………who was caf president wen Abedi won it 3xs?..time ii tell when it all switch hands again. peace.

  43. emmakwebena says:

    reply to R.Abbey.you are a disgrace to yr family,to ghana and to the whole africa.ARE YOU a real ghanian? please dont be jaleous of dede becos he is still a star to be….

  44. Daniel In the LiOnS Den says:

    He desreves it. Player to Player, Dede is nowhere near Toure. Lets put patriotism aside and see from football angle. Toure has played well and scored good goals fro Man City since he came from Barca.

  45. john says:

    CAF have woyome dede oooo way

  46. Whocares? says:

    Dede should have won. Corrupt CAF headed by a corrupt goat, stop hosting your corrupt functions on Ghanaian soil.