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Dafabet India Mobile App for Android & iOS 2024

26.55 MB
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14 feedbacks
17000 ₹

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14 feedbacks

Riya Patel Beginner

These guys have my respect, i love their app and i love how they deal with their customers. We’re obviously a priority, cz everything these guys offer is amazing. Easiest money ive made is with this betting app!

21.02.2024 pm29 13:36

I like how this guys have organized everything. Their site is amazing and their app is super easy to use. Im glad they’ve never given me a reason to regret betting with their app, good job!

20.02.2024 am29 09:37

Other bookies need to step up their game if they wanna compete with Dafabet’s app. Its has all i need, and it works really well, i still havent encountered any delays or lags and i hope it remains this way

19.02.2024 pm29 17:33
Arnav Singh Beginner

Dafabet exceeded my expectations. I didnt know the odds were this good here, so i decieded to download the app, and it has been an amazing experience so far, i genuinely find this betting app way better than most others

12.02.2024 pm29 21:47
Virat Patel Beginner

Dafabet is one of the most convenient and relaible apps. Theyve got a wide range of sports that I really enjoy exploring, and their app’s amazing functionalitly lets me explore it all. Im so happy with the app and i hope to see even more interesting features on the app

25.12.2023 pm31 22:00
Rohan Patel Beginner

There arent many betting apps that I like, but this one? I love it! Ive never encountered any issues when placing a bet and avigation is super easy. Transactions are pretty smooth too, really well done, it saves you lots of time

25.12.2023 am31 09:54

I have never faced any problems when using this app, it is built really well and i think most punters will easily find what theyre looking for and will easily place their bets while away from home. Works like a charm and never gets stuck

10.12.2023 pm31 13:03

Dafabet’s mobile app deserves to be praised. I have used it for more than 4 months now and it has become my favourite. This app’s user user interface is awesome, and naviation is really easy that even a 3 year old can use it

10.12.2023 pm31 12:56
Rahul Suri Beginner

I think Dafabet has done an amazing job with this betting app, cz it is easily, and by far, superior to most other betting apps in India. Dafabet’s app works really well, unlike other betting apps that crash out of nowhere. Havent had any issues for now, seems like a really good app

15.11.2023 pm30 14:14

I really like the fact that this betting app doesnt take much from my storage space, but does the job really well. Its like, its small, but performs like the rest of the apps or even better! I truly appreciate their hard work, and i think overall its a solid app

13.11.2023 am30 07:25

Till now, Dafabet is probably the only betting app that hasnt given me any trouble when withdawing my funds through the app. This betting app is reliable and works well, so yeah, good stuff with smooth withdrawals. For sure 4 stars and above

13.11.2023 am30 07:24

Dafabet’s betting app is really amazing. Its really fast and organzied. I was abit surprised, i didnt expect to like this app that much! Compared to other bookies, its much more reliable and does the job of a bettign app much better than others

13.11.2023 am30 07:19

I dont think theres anything positive to say about Dafabet’s app other than the fact that I can deposit my money. The app is super slow and I get bored when betting with this app. I have to wait and wait till it loads. Also, the features on the app arentimpressive, theres nothing special about it. Idk, i just cant have fun betting with Dafabet’s app, there are much better app that can satisfy my betting needs

13.11.2023 am30 07:28

I hate this app. I wagered here for a while, and everything was mid, and the app had some glitches that were quite annoying. So after an unsatisfactory experience, i decided to withdraw my funds and not bet here again, but the withdrawals are not working through the app. I had to contact the support team for like 3 weeks to be able to get my money back. Good thing i got my money back, but im never betting here again

19.02.2024 pm29 13:36

I know its normal for betting apps to have small issues or problems, but its not normal when the entire app is a problem. This betting app doeant have anything right, its all over the place, and transactions are super difficult and takes lots of time when donr with the app. Its quite disappointing, especially cz every aspect of the app is bad, no customer would stay long with this app unless they give us like perfect odds or something, which they dont

25.12.2023 pm31 22:08
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