The Evolution of Football Betting in Ghana

Published on: 14 May 2020
The Evolution of Football Betting in Ghana
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When you think about it, there's never been a simpler time to bet on football in Ghana. You probably have a smartphone or a laptop at home. You visit the Internet daily and watch or follow football-related news on social media, YouTube, and blogs.

If you want to bet on a specific football game—say Ghana versus Nigeria, all you need is an account at an online betting site. Sometimes you don't even need to have money in your account. You could use a bonus free bet.

Indeed, technology has made it much easier for Ghanaians to bet on football. But where did it all start? How did people wager on sports before the Internet?


Before 2006, betting was pretty much an unregulated sector in Ghana. Foreign companies could target Ghanaians without acquiring local licenses. At the same time, locals could bet on offshore sportsbooks without breaking Ghanaian laws.

Back then, the best way to bet on football was to use a British or European betting website that accepted Ghanaians. There were few such websites, though. As a result, very few people wagered on the sport at official platforms in the country.

The Ghana Gaming Commission

Established in 2006, the Ghana Gaming Commission is a regulatory body that licenses online casinos and betting websites. In fact, it oversees all forms of gambling in Ghana, albeit for lotteries. These are governed by the National Lottery Authority.

The GGC is regularly criticized for not doing enough to regulate gambling businesses. Precisely, many offshore bookmakers provide betting markets to Ghanaians citizens. Despite that, they don’t pay taxes to the Ghanaian government.

Against that background, football betting in Ghana is driven by multiple factors the GGC might not have control over.

Internet Penetration in Ghana

Contrary to popular belief, Ghanaians have been playing football long before independence. The first trace of the beautiful game dates to the 1880s. It was introduced by the Brits as they explored the country for colonization reasons.

When it comes to betting on the game, though, it didn't become popular until people started to own smartphones in the 2000s. A few British bookmakers began to accept Ghanaians, and then companies increased as more locals got interested in betting.

Today, at least 40% of people in Ghana have access to the Internet. That translates to about four million people. Of course, not all of them have an interest in betting or watching football games.

But thousands of Ghanaians bet on the beautiful game in all parts of the country. The number keeps rising, and it will continue to grow with more people getting access to Internet-enabled smartphones and computers.

Huge Variety of Sportsbooks

These days, you have an unlimited number of betting websites to use if you live in Ghana. The primary requirement is to be an adult above 18 years. You also need betting money. But other than that, there are no limits on the number of betting companies you can join.

The bookmaker Betiton, for example, welcomes players from over 100 regions: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and New Zealand, to be more precise. In many cases, player can deposit and withdraw money using their most convenient banking option.

Similar to Betiton, many betting sites also offer casino games. That means not only can you bet on football, but you can also play slots, poker, roulette, and bingo.

Crucially, the best gambling websites in Ghana let you bet on games, whether you use a smartphone or a desktop device. Some of them have an app you can downloads. Others have redesigned their websites to also run on mobile devices.

Lots of Football Betting Markets

If you’re like many football bettors in Ghana, you wager on local league matches and several European leagues. Maybe you bet on the English Premier League. Or you prefer La Liga. Perhaps you bet on all available football markets.

Whatever the case, today’s sportsbooks have made football betting more exciting. No longer do you have to wager on games from one country alone. With the standard bookie, you can find up to 500 football matches to bet on daily.

Crucially, the best bookmakers provide quality odds for Ghanaian punters. Of course, that differs from one betting site to another. But among the best-rated companies, you can be confident in finding high-value odds.

 Bonuses and Loyalty Bonuses

Bonuses are an important reason why Ghanaians bet on football. They help you bet on games without risking your money. And who hates that? As a result, bookmakers have been using bonuses as a way to market their services in Ghana.

For starters, they welcome new customers with free bets and bonuses, depending on which games you want to play. In many cases, you have to make a deposit to get a reward. But if you're lucky, you could receive a no deposit free bet.

Regardless, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions that come with betting offers. Most of them have guidelines on how to use them. If followed correctly, you can then cash out profits made from the bonuses.

As mentioned, some bookmakers also offer loyalty rewards. These offers are meant to

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