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As the best betting provider, 1xBet suggests a wide list of payment methods for transactions of customers from India. You can deposit your 1xBet account with the help of various methods such as e-wallets, cards, paybill, ATMs, USSDs, and so on. So register and start your journey with 1xBet India.

Deposit on 1xBet India!

How to Deposit Money on 1xBet in India?

1xBet gives Indian customers a large selection of easy and quick payment methods for their transfers. That’s why Indian people prefer using 1xBet for their bets to other international betting companies. Using their payment options, let’s figure out how you can deposit money on a 1xBet account in India.

Step 1: Visit 1xBet and log in to your account.

log in to your 1xbet account

Step 2: Pick your transfer currency(INR).


Step 3: Tap the “Deposit” button on the right top of your desktop.

deposit to 1xbet

Step 4: Select one of the suggested options for your transfer and tap “Deposit.”

Select one of the options

Step 5: Enter the money you wish to transfer.

Enter the money

Step 6: Provide required banking and personal details.

enter detiles

Step 7: Tap “Confirm” to finalize.

confirm 1xbet deposit

Now you can enjoy betting with 1xBet without any difficulties. In case of problems, contact the 1xBet operator to gain help.

Make a Deposit at 1xBet India!

Tips for Depositing at 1xBet

Follow the tips represented below to deposit your 1xBet on more favorable terms.

  • First of all, be sure the option you picked is also available for 1xBet withdrawals.
  • Select the option which suggests the lowest and the most reasonable limits for all deposits and withdrawals.
  • Ensure your option does not charge a fee or it is the lowest one from the list 1xBet suggests.
  • Note that in 1xBet India, the minimum limit for transactions differs between payment methods.

These tips will help you to make your transfer with more convenient conditions with 1xBet India options. So save and use them.

1xBet Deposit Main T&C’s

As with every legal company, 1xBet India also has some terms and rules for payment you must follow for legal and secure transactions. Here are some of them.

  • 1xBet account users must be over eighteen.
  • Ensure gambling is not prohibited and is legal in your state before creating and using an account.
  • Be sure your 1xBet account is verified before depositing; if your documents are rejected, your account will be closed.
  • Payment options have their minimum and maximum limits.
  • Select your payment options’ currency, INR.

Always be sure your actions are legal on the 1xBet platform so as not to face problems.

1xBet Deposit Methods Available in India

1xBet Deposit Methods

Here are the appropriate deposit methods you suggested by 1xBet India, such as 1xBet paybill, e-wallets, ATM, etc. Get acquainted with them and make your choice.

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • AstroPay Card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency

All the methods are fast and easy to use so that you can select the best options with the best conditions for your 1xBet account deposits.


Paytm is one of India’s most widely used e-wallets, with more than 300 million users. This is a very advanced and easy-to-use payment option for Indian users on 1xBet. This means you can transfer money with INR. Using the Paytm app transfer is instant and very easy. They operate on the UPI infrastructure, allowing you to make transactions with UPI and have the money on their Paytm balance.

First of all, go to 1xBet, then the “Deposit” section, and pick Paytm. On the new page, you will see 1xBet’s Paytm details. Send your deposit amount to their Paytm address and then log in your details to 1xBet. Your 1xBet deposit will be reflected instantly. Amounts less than the minimum will not be accepted. The minimum limit for Paytm users in 1xBet  is ₹500, and the maximum is ₹10.000.


UPI is another of the leading instant payment options in India. More than 100 million Indian people are currently using it. It also suggests more convenient payment conditions; it is cheap, fast, easy to use, and allows transactions with INR. Pick up your banking options from the “Deposit” section to make your 1xBet deposit with UPI app. UPI transactions don’t take much time to be completed. Enter the amount you intend to load. Provide your UPI ID, and add your full name, phone number, and transaction ID. Tap “Confirm” to finalize. The minimum amount for UPI deposits in 1xBet is ₹500.

Google Pay

Google Pay can be a good option for trusting your 1xBet transactions. This is one of the increasing payment options worldwide and is very trusted by Indian people. To make your 1xBet deposit with Google Pay, visit 1xBet, then go to the “Deposit” page, pick Google Pay, and you will see 1xBet Google Pay details. Send your amount to the indicated address, then log in with your details, such as the phone number you have used for Google Pay, and add an email and transaction ID. Your 1xBet account balance will be charged immediately. Sometimes deposits can take up to three hours to be reflected in your 1xBet  account.


PhonePe is a mobile money app that is greatly famous among young Indians. This is instant and easy. This mobile money app is operated on the UPI infrastructure, which means you can make your transactions between apps and merchants connected to UPI. To fulfill your PhonePe app transaction, go to the 1xBet “Deposit” section, pick PhonePe, and provide the amount, phone number, full name, and transaction ID. Tap “Confirm” to finalize your actions. The amount will be credited to your 1xBet account within minutes.


Skrill is one of the highly trusted e-wallets among Indians. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates it in the UK. Skrill is an instant and secure e-wallet, so your money will be credited immediately after confirmation. For Skrill transactions, you should pick it from the 1xBet  “Deposit” section and provide your details in the requested fields. For each deposit, Skrill charges a 2.5% fee of your amount.


Neteller doesn’t have any noticeable difference from Skrill as the same company operates them both. For Skrill transactions, you should pick it from the “Deposit” section and provide your full name, phone number, and transaction ID. Neteller transactions don’t take much time to be completed.

Deposit with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency deposits are very acceptable in India now. This option is very cheap and convenient and grows day by day. 1xBet accepts 25 different cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency deposits are anonymous. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals take up to 15 minutes to be completed. So this won’t take much time. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin.

Deposit on 1xBet With Bitcoin!


AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card, which is not as popular as other payment options but is secure and trusted. AstroPay card costs from ₹1700 to ₹35.000. You can buy your card from their webpage. You can credit your Astropay card by using your bank account. You will receive your virtual card in your email. AstroPay cards have their own expiry date and CVV. To credit your account with Astropay, pick it from the “Deposit” section, and enter your AstroPay 16-digit number, CVV and OTP to confirm your deposit.

1xBet Deposit Bonus

1xBet suggests deposit bonuses to its customers. You can get your first deposit bonus right after registration. You only need to make a deposit and claim your 1xBet first deposit bonus. You can claim this bonus only once. Each bonus has specified deposit limits, so you have to follow deposit rules. To claim it, you must register by providing the required details and make your first deposit of up to ₹20.000; the bonus will be automatically credited to your account.

Claim Your 1xBet Deposit Bonus!

Want to learn more about bonuses? Visit Our 1xBet India – All promo & bonus codes review.

1xBet Minimum Deposit in India

1xBet specifies deposit limits. These limits are not different for Indian players. But they differ between payment methods. There are separate limits for first deposit bonuses, so you can also check them. In case of questions or difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact customer care team specialists to gain help.


Depositing with 1xBet is even easier than you can imagine. The selection allows you to select the best way for your transactions with better conditions. So look through our article carefully to make the right decision. We hope our article helps you with your issues.

Deposit Options FAQ

Is Depositing on 1xBet Fast & Easy?

Depositing on 1xBet is even faster and easy. You don’t have to wait long for your deposits to be reflected in your account. With a big part of payment options, it is done immediately.

How Long Does 1xBet Take to Load Money?

Usually, money is loaded instantly. Sometimes depending on what payment option you are using or in case of some technical problems, they can last up to 1 hour.

How Much Can I Deposit In My 1xBet Account?

The minimum amount you are able to deposit is $1(₹80). Each payment option suggests its limits so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

How to deposit with the 1xBet app in India?

You must first log in to your account to deposit your funds with the 1xBet app. Then, you should pick your currency (INR) and select the payment option you prefer in the deposit section. Afterward, enter what amount you want to deposit and all the required details. Finally, click “Confirm” to make the deposit.

In case of problems, contact the support team to gain help.

Does 1xBet accept deposits via banks in India?

You can use your bank’s credit or debit card details to make your deposits via the 1xBet website or mobile app.

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