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1xBet VIP Cash Back Bonus

1xBet is one of the most accepted operators in the global iGaming industry, supplying various betting alternatives alongside numerous promo opportunities. The 1xBet VIP cashback bonus is among the bonus codes offered on the bookie’s site/application. It is designed for the most active and loyal bettors who constantly wager and use those rewards. This article aims to explain the 1xBet VIP casino offer and what you can do to profit from it. Our primary geotarget will be the Indian market.

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  • Eligible Countries - India
  • Last Verified - Bonus is active as of February 03
  • Promo Details - Get cashback based on your weekly bets!
  • Max Bonus - 5000 INR
  • Min Deposit - No requirements
  • Min Stake - No requirements
  • Min Odds - 0.50
  • Verified - 100% by BR/ 03/02/2022
  • T&Cs apply․
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1xBet India
1xBet - Cashback - Weekly Cashback Bonus
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  • Eligible Countries - India
  • Last Verified - Bonus is active as of February 03
  • Promo Details - You can get support during your hard times in 1xBet!
  • Max Bonus - 500$
  • Min Deposit - No requirements
  • Min Stake - 2$
  • Min Odds - No requirements
  • Max Odds - 3.00
  • Verified - 100% by BR/ 03/02/2022
  • T&Cs apply․
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1xBet India
1xBet - get help for a sequence of losing bets - Bonus For a Series of Losing Bets
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What is the 1xBet Casino VIP Cashback Program?

1xBet VIP Cashback is a scheme consisting of eight stages. You can wager on online casinos and gain bonuses alongside experience points. The latter is an important thing. The more points you accumulate, the higher your level is. Hence, you can reach the highest stage and gain the full benefits package of this program.

Loyalty Program at 1xBet

Loyalty Program at 1xBet

The 1xBet Loyalty program measures customers’ activity and awards them accordingly. Particularly, this promotion is represented by the casino VIP cashback bonus. As mentioned, you can get points and cashbacks regularly and reach the program’s highest point. Your loyalty offer will start at level 1, called “Copper”. We will explain all the levels in this review.

Participation in the VIP Cashback Bonus Program

To become eligible for the 1xBet Loyalty bonus, you should register or have an existing account that meets the bookmaker’s criteria. Once you are a 1xBet user, open the site/app, find the “Promo” section and open the “VIP Cashback”. Click on the “Take Part” button and start wagering. Note that you should use real money bets for this promo.

What Are the Rewards for Participating in the VIP Cashback program?

As mentioned earlier, you start at level 1, called “Copper”. You should stake and receive experience points with your 1xBet cashbacks. Once you gain a respective amount of points, the bookie will level you up. With every next level, the amount of your reward will increase.

VIP levels

VIP levels

As mentioned previously, there are 8 levels for the Loyalty program. Below, you can see the list with names for each level. We will explain the details for each stage.

  • lev. 1 – Copper
  • lev. 2 – Bronze
  • lev. 3 – Silver
  • lev. 4 – Gold
  • lev. 5 – Ruby
  • lev. 6 – Sapphire
  • lev. 7 – Diamond
  • lev. 8 – VIP status


This is the starting point for every bettor (either new or existing). Here, you will gain 5% cashbacks on losing bets once in 7 days. Besides, for every €1 (or the equivalent currency) stake, you will receive 100 experience points. After 300,000 points, 1xBet will promote the players to the next stage.


When you reach the Bronze level, your cashback value will increase to 6% for losing stakes. You can receive the reward once in 6 days. Additionally, for every €1 bet, the bookie will credit you 150 experience points. The moment you accumulate 1,000,000 points, you proceed to the third level.


Here, every €1 stake is equivalent to 200 experience points. Meanwhile, the interval of getting cashbacks becomes once per 5 days, while the percentage increases to 7%. To become a member of the Gold level, you should collect 2,000,000 points.


At this stage, bettors can gain an 8% cashback on lost bets once every 4 days. Besides, every €1 stake will guarantee you 250 experience points. Remember, you already had 2,000,000 experience points, and you will need to reach 5,000,000 to qualify for level 5.


Once a Ruby-level player, you will receive a 9% cashback on unsuccessful wagers every 3 days and 300 points for every €1 bet. To enter the succeeding stage, you should accumulate 15,000,000 points.


This level will give players a 10% cashback on lost wagers every 2 days. Additionally, the equivalent of your €1 stake will reach 350 experience points. Once you collect 25,000,000 points, you will be promoted to level 7.


At this stage, you are a step away from the peak. Your €1 bets will guarantee 400 points, while the cashback percentage will become 11% (for losing wagers). You can gain the latter daily. Once you accumulate 75,000,000 points, you reach the last level.

VIP status

Congratulations, you have reached the highest level. Here, 1xBet will credit you with cashbacks for every bet, plus exclusive offers. The cashback percentage is as follows:

  • Table Games – 0.05%
  • Live Casino – 0.1%
  • Lottery – 0.2%
  • Slots – 0.25%

As you can see, you get the full package of benefits once you get the VIP status. This is the basic information on the levels. But before starting, it will be good to check this program’s key terms and conditions.

1xBet Casino VIP Cashback Terms

There are some important T&C for this bonus. Firstly, the cashbacks are provided to 1xBet bettors that do not have more than €2. Additionally, if you place a bet 24 hours after the request, the bookie will not count that stake. The cashback will be given after the bet is settled, and it does not have any wagering requirements. It is worth mentioning that you cannot gain cashbacks unless you win more than you lose.


1xBet Loyalty VIP cashback promotion is a remarkable promo opportunity that appreciates customers’ activity and loyalty. You can spend time playing the best casino games and join bettors, who benefit daily from the bookie’s services. It all depends on you. The more you play, the better your rewards become. Not every bookmaker offers such promotions. This 1xBet promo is available for all Indian clients. Start claiming it once you open an account.


Can I participate in the 1xBet VIP Casino Cashback Program if I am under 18?

No. 1xBet services, including the VIP cashback program, are accessible to punters aged 18 or older.

From which VIP level will I receive cashback from all my bets?

You should reach the VIP status stage to gain 1xBet cashbacks from all stakes.

How often will I receive cashback?

This depends on your level. Check out this article to see the interval for every stage.

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