How to Remove My Card Details From Bet9ja Account – Full Guide

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Managing your payment options on Bet9ja is an essential aspect of using the platform, and this includes the ability to add or remove a bank card from your Bet9ja account. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive and concise review with the necessary details on this topic and answer all your question

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How to Remove a Bank Card from a Bet9ja Account – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Remove a Bank Card from a Bet9ja Account

Here is a professional guide including all the necessary details on how to remove/delete a bank card from your Bet9ja account:

Step 1: First, log in to your Bet9ja profile with the login details used during the Sign-Up.

Step 2: Once successfully logged in, locate and hit My Account from the Bet9ja homepage’s top right corner.

Step 3: Next, click Cashier to access the page comprising Bet9ja options for payments.

Step 4: Select the card you wish to remove from the list of available systems.

Step 5: Choose the Delete Payment option to remove the selected card. Note that your atm card details are stored in Flutterwave or Paystack.

Alternatively, you can open the Deposit section, choose the amount to top up your account, and see the history of your cards, where you can pick the one you wish to delete.

Mostly, Bet9ja punters would remove a card to attach another one for multiple reasons. After understanding this easy-to-follow approach to removing a card, let’s proceed to the steps required for changing banking account details.

How to Change Bank Account Details on Bet9ja?

Already know how you can remove your card details from the Bet9ja account? Remember: Whenever you remove your card, you should add a new one. Scroll down to read the effortless process of changing bank account details.

Step 1: Enter the My Account section by clicking the respective button.

Step 2: Select the Manage Bank Account tab.

Step 3: Hit the Add Bank Account link.

Step 4: Fill in the requested details for your new credit/debit card in your account.

Sometimes, clients might unintentionally remove the card and have the necessity to restore them. Luckily, Bet9ja has a procedure in place to complete this action.

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How to Restore Card Details on Bet9ja?

If you accidentally delete/remove your card details from the Bet9ja website, there’s no need to worry. You can easily restore them by re-entering the necessary information and saving your debit or ATM card. Simply provide your card’s ID number, expiry date, and security code, and Bet9ja will keep a saved copy of your data.

In the event that you choose to delete your card details at a later time, you can do so at your convenience.

Which Banks Can I Use to Deposit & Withdraw Funds on Bet9ja?

Which Banks Can I Use to Deposit & Withdraw Funds on Bet9ja

Any deposit & withdrawal from a Bet9ja account is supported by nine banks. You can remove a card from the options mentioned below:

  • GT – Guaranty Trust is a multinational financial institution from Nigeria.
  • First – One of the largest banks in Nigeria, providing retail, corporate, and investment banking solutions.
  • FCMB – First City Monument is similar to First and GT, offering a range of products and services.
  • Wema – A Nigerian commercial bank focusing primarily on technology and innovation.
  • Heritage – Another commercial bank, a common choice for agriculture and small businesses.
  • Zenith – A multifunctional institution serving individuals, corporations, and governments.
  • Unity – This bank mainly focuses on rural development.
  • Polaris – Polaris is more interested in innovation but also provides multiple services.
  • Fidelity Inbranch – Provides retail and corporate banking services with a focus on digital innovation and excellent customer service.

The abundance of alternatives shows how flexible Bet9ja is for the players, while the names and reputation of those institutions guarantee a high-quality service for transactions.

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Bet9ja ensures secure and user-friendly management for your account’s financial transactions, providing a hassle-free experience. Any Bet9ja customer can easily remove any card from the account and deliver a new card, meaning that the system has a quite flexible approach to this topic.


Can I use someone else’s payment details in my Bet9ja account?

No, because each Bet9ja user delivers unique account details when signing up for this bookmaker, including an extra verification procedure. Therefore, using unmatching details will go against the regulations.

Where can I get information about my past transactions on Bet9ja?

Any transaction processed at Bet9ja is tracked by the operator, meaning that players can access the history anytime, even after they remove their cards. The full and detailed information on deposit/withdrawal is accessible under the My Account section.

Can I use another Bet9ja payment method after I delete my card details?

Sure. You can add or remove as much as you can, provided that the account details correspond to your betting account.

Is there a fee for adding or removing a card on Bet9ja?

You should not worry about this topic; Bet9ja will not charge a fee when you remove or provide a new credit/debit card for your account. You can instantly proceed to place bets once completing the action.

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